Garzón seeks Sweden guarantees

WikiLeaks founder has “given orders to begin legal battle,” says judge Pair speak in public at Ecuadorian embassy


The legal route

The Interior Ministry is looking to break the link between ETA prisoners and exiles


Gomera park chief believes fire is work of arsonists out to destroy Garajonay

Ongoing blaze was attempt to wipe out one of Europe's great natural wonders, says official


Getting away from it all... on the cheap

The crisis keep getting worse but there are still ways for cash-strapped families to take a break


Remixing Euripedes

British DJ Matthew Herbert provides the soundtrack to an unusual version of a classic Greek tragedy confronting audiences in Mérida’s Roman theater

PROFILE: Hervé Falciani

Whistleblower or common criminal?

The ex-HSBC employee is accused of stealing thousands of clients' bank records Now in a Spanish jail, he is waiting to see if he will be extradited to Switzerland to face charges


Sunday stroll

The employment statistics, and the long faces of politicians, counsel resignation or emigration for today's young arts graduates