International Justice

US allows drug trafficker to serve jail term in Spain after six-year legal battle

Decision comes after Spanish Supreme Court pressured PM to resolve diplomatic dispute

US State Department report focuses on surge of Spanish public corruption

Human rights survey claims hate speech and police abuse continue to be a problem in Spain


Widow fights extradition to US to face charges she hired contract killer

Vázquez Ríjos was facing death penalty, but US assures Spain she won’t even be put away for life Victm's father stresses he wants closure in this case by seeing justice finally served


Coming home to jail

Many convicts incarcerated abroad are not aware of their rights Spanish prisoners should be able to access support from their government


Spain reaches quarterfinals despite hoop loss to Italians

Serbia stands in way of semifinal slot for champion


Benidorm: still a classic

Is the aging, “tacky” seaside resort unfit for tourism? Ask again

Murder-for-hire suspect busted in Madrid could face death penalty

US will have to convince Spain it won’t seek capital punishment in extradition hearing Woman accused of paying $3 million to a hitman has been a fugitive since 2008

Widow of US banker gunned down in Puerto Rico pressures FBI to solve murder

Bank executives accused in lawsuit of complicity in alleged contract killing


US cites Spain’s discriminatory policies against Muslims who try to build mosques

Government’s annual religious survey details Barcelona soccer stadium incident involving Israeli soldier Shalit


"It should be a state's obligation to pay for the exhumation of war victims"

Portuguese forensic institute chief Duarte Nuno Vieira discusses torture, atrocities and war crimes

Cash-laundering charge mires president and pinup’s husband

Journalist claims Kirchner couple hid some $55 million


Rights activists warn about escalating numbers of Mexican vigilante groups

Rifle-toting, hooded patrols are making citizens' arrests in Guerrero state

Argentina holds Britain liable for “likely” Falklands oil disaster

President attacks IMF for sanctions over figure fudging


Boy Scouts sex abuse scandal in US sheds light on 44-year-old case at Rota base

Scoutmaster was removed from Troop 74 after investigation determined he abused boys Accused ex-navy officer tried to rejoin the organization after returning to the United States

Rights experts praise ruling on Salvadoran massacre

El Mozote is considered the largest mass murder ever to have taken place in Latin America


"I am certain I will be acquitted"

Santiago Cervera resigned as a deputy on Monday after being caught up in a blackmail case

PROFILE: Mario Conde

“Judges serve as political instruments”

Former banker jailed for fraud has turned politician

Spain must break two-party influence on institutions, warns Transparency International

PP and Socialists need to loosen grip on state organizations, says anti-corruption agency


ETA inmate who divided the PP

Iosu Uribetxeberria Bolinaga was given parole on humanitarian grounds against the wishes of some on the right

Trial may open soon in Cuba against PP youth leader

Ángel Carromero killed two of his passengers, who were prominent dissidents, in a car wreck

PROFILE: Hervé Falciani

Whistleblower or common criminal?

The ex-HSBC employee is accused of stealing thousands of clients' bank records Now in a Spanish jail, he is waiting to see if he will be extradited to Switzerland to face charges

Spaniard involved in fatal accident in Cuba charged with homicide

Two dissidents died in car driven by political activist Ángel Carromero Spanish government yet to issue official reaction to murder charges


A sharp tongue that ignited outrage

PP politician still under fire for Congress outburst


CGPJ chief must be accountable for behavior, says corruption watchdog

Spain rates low for lax government controls in Transparency International report

US rights report zeros in on Spanish police abuse

State Department noted that 730 corruption investigations were open last year Rise in xenophobic parties also noted

US Supreme Court signals “final victory” for Spain in Odyssey case

Washington justices decide against studying appeals to review prior rulings


Violence mars Dominican race

Two deaths and dozens of injuries during weekend campaign stumps Overseas vote from Spain and the United States could play a crucial role