Obama sides with homosexuals

The president of the United States finally comes out in favor of gay marriage

Brussels sees Spain failing to achieve deficit targets in 2012 and 2013

EC expects recession to extend into next year


Spain files protest over prince’s visit to Gibraltar

Royals plan to visit Gibraltar as part of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee year celebrations.


Demonstrators take to streets to mark 15-M anniversary

More than 80 cities across Spain will join in the protests


Government makes Penal Code changes to combat corruption

Measures include the creation of a new type of tax fraud crime aimed at mafias Maximum prison sentences will be raised from two years to six Statute of limitations on such offenses also to be raised


Cabinet approves drastic plan to clean up the banking sector

Lenders will need coverage of up to 52 percent of value of loans to real estate developers Toxic assets to be removed from balance sheets and folded into separate companies Public funds will be available for institutions unable to meet new requirements


This week's movie releases

Sean Penn gets dressed up like Robert Smith in This Must be the Place, while Tim Burton returns with Dark Shadows, starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter


Brussels decision sentences Alicante's Ciudad de la Luz studios to a slow death

European Commission has decided that 265 million euros of subsidies were illegal Regional premier Alberto Fabra says he will appeal against the decision


Another Spanish cinema is possible

With film financing in crisis, moviemakers are resorting to guerrilla tactics


The struggle for square one: police and 15-M protesters draw battle lines

Authorities vow to stop demonstrators from retaking Sol on first anniversary


There's still life for Repsol after the loss of YPF unit

Oil company's profit up 12.4 percent at start of year Repsol's net debt, excluding YPF and Gas Natural Fenosa, stood at 4.17 billion euros

Public health official was running doctor's office in Portugal

Commissioner in Extremadura was running opthalmology practice across the border Francisco Javier Fernández Perianes admits "putting his foot in it"


Continental insularity

Many leaders at Cartagena said that our nation would be present at the next summit. But what Cuba are they talking about?

Councils eye charges on Church property

Spain's biggest landowner does not currently pay any real estate tax


Crisis will prevent savings banks from financing social projects

Financial problems will take their toll on cultural centers such as Madrid's Casa Encendida


Falcao too good for Athletic Bilbao

But is the Colombian goal scorer too tempting a cash cow for Atlético Madrid?


"Here a new SGAE is born"

Antón Reixa, elected president of the royalty collection society, wants to bury the past


Charity is the only medicine, PP tells foreign residents

Health Minister informs illegal immigrants they will have to rely on NGOs for medical aid


Violence mars Dominican race

Two deaths and dozens of injuries during weekend campaign stumps Overseas vote from Spain and the United States could play a crucial role


Diplomacy to soften seizures

While Spain seeks "fair" deal in Bolivia for REE, Argentina courts US oil firms


"The Lady"

Argentinean President Fernández de Kirchner is enjoying a new wave of popularity following the expropriation of Repsol's stake in YPF and despite her refusal to consult with the Cabinet