US rights report zeros in on Spanish police abuse

State Department noted that 730 corruption investigations were open last year Rise in xenophobic parties also noted


Solitary Merkel

The project to strengthen the monetary union will have to bring about eurobonds


“Untraceable” Julio Iglesias to perform next to Valencia court that seeks him

Singer yet to be called to testify over contracts he signed to act as a representative of the region


Del Bosque’s tricky pick

Torres is not the difficult choice; it’s the surfeit of skill causing the coach headaches


Catalonia urges central government to provide support to pay debts

Some foreign media interpret remarks as bailout call Spain’s risk premium spikes once more


Crisis and democracy

It is time to react against the systematic scrapping of the democratic state, which we are told is necessary to end our financial malaise


Symbolizing Spain's misery

Cartoonist Andrés Rábago was OPS before becoming El Roto