Spanish king defends democracy and human rights on state visit to Cuba

At a dinner attended by Cuban president Miguel Díaz-Canel, Felipe VI underscored the need for institutions to respect freedom of expression and of association

Spain’s Royal Family

Spanish royals make first official visit to Cuba

The highly symbolic trip aims to show support for businesses from Spain, and does not constitute official support for the Cuban government

Change of leadership in Cuba

What now? The difficult problem of succession in Cuba

There is no clear candidate to take over from the Castros, apart from Vice-President Díaz Canel


Cubans seeking opportunities put their faith in “Saint Obama”

Havana preparing for a visit by US president, a Rolling Stones concert and a baseball match


Ramón Castro, Fidel’s rancher brother, dies at 91

Cuban leaders’ elder sibling did not play a major role in the Revolution

Kings’ night celebrations

Differences on parade: Why the Three Kings are causing controversy

Traditional January 5 celebrations in Spain have been plagued this year by disagreements


Immigrants remain mostly invisible to Spain’s political parties

A Podemos candidate could be the first black person to sit in Congress after Sunday’s vote


Marijuana joins the campaign fray

Podemos, Ciudadanos and United Left support regulating cannabis for therapeutic use The ruling Popular Party, however, is completely opposed to such a measure


Spain’s lawless towns

Thousands of small communities lack a police presence and live in constant fear of crime


Why more Spaniards are now shopping around the clock

Madrid supermarket’s 7.30am to 2am opening hours reflect changing grocery-buying habits


The new Cuba is in Old Havana

Signs of Raúl Castro’s reforms are beginning to show in the city’s historic center More private firms are opening, with the state counting on them to boost restoration work

Spain’s invisible drug problem

While narcotics use is no longer seen as a danger, experts say it’s become overly accepted

Lights, camera, action at Altamira

For the first time in decades, a crew has been allowed to film the prehistoric cave paintings

Sweets from the Syrian conflict

Madrid store owner Abud Alkarmi continues to import pastries from Damascus despite the civil war


A small ray of hope in Cité Soleil

A group of nuns led by a Spaniard is providing healthcare and schooling in Haiti’s poorest slum

death of a literary giant

A passion for Fidel

Gabriel García Márquez heard the name of the Cuban leader for the first time in 1955, when he was in exile alongside a group of Latin American intellectuals

Alfredo Guevara, key figure in Cuban film and Castro comrade

Founder of revolutionary cinema institute dies at age of 87

Cuban film great Camilo Vives passes away at age of 71

Producer was behind classics of post-revolutionary cinema


The unmistakable sights and smells of Granada's Alhambra fortress

The monument's treasures lie in its poetic language of the senses


Drawn by the flames

Cuban art collective Los Carpinteros is seeking to set Madrid's Matadero cultural center alight with their forthcoming incendiary installation of some 600 meters of luminous woodwork


Norman Foster's plans for Cuba

The British architect has offered his services free of charge on a project to help finish a dance center that was started 50 years ago


Three decades of hitting the high notes

Madrid’s Café Central jazz club is celebrating 30 years of legendary performances

Spaniard held over Cuban dissidents’ deaths was to lose his drivers license

Nuevas Generaciónes official had run up 700 euros in speeding fines since 2011


New tales from the Alhambra

After a decade of restoration, the official re-opening of the Court of Lions is only a few days away. EL PAÍS revisits the heart of the most visited monument in Spain


Sorolla revisits the Alhambra

Show examines painter's fascination with Moorish Spain


Che Guevara — the philosopher

Last of the revolutionary’s unpublished writings finally come to light


Symbolizing Spain's misery

Cartoonist Andrés Rábago was OPS before becoming El Roto