The other pandemic

Spanish politics is as destructive as the coronavirus. There will one day be a vaccine against the latter, but there seems to be no remedy for the former. If we don't do something, these people will be the ruin of us all

Spanish stereotypes

In Francoland

Both Europe and the US love what they see as Spain’s quaint backwardness so much that they feel insulted when we explain to them how much we have changed


Nostalgia Factory

Remembering New York before the advance of high street uniformity


Lessons of winter

The best lesson of this season in New York comes from another country, from one's other city, where it never gets this cold, indoors or out


Unacceptable clarity

The masculine, serene Camus of the photographs became a man harassed, verbally and physically, by those who had once been his friend


Indonesian night

In Indonesia, in less than a year, about a million people were murdered as a consequence of a military coup d'état


Bicycle lives and death

A waiter was on his way to work last week when he was killed by a hit-and-run driver


Parallel lives

Dionisio Ridruejo and Ferran Planes narrate two distinct, complementary tales


Lorca's journey

We see the young man who arrived in New York, relieved of the weight of the immediate past, lived there with his eyes open every day, and returned to Spain a changed man


Big industry

Just as amazing as the Spanish cultural heritage is the indifference and even hostility that Spaniards feel for it


On the trail of Juan Gris

Some painters, given over to the material aspects of their art, like to let on that literature is a closed book to them


Reluctant warriors

Normal people are disinclined to kill or die, unless they have been brutalized by fanaticism


Lost heritage

When I was a child, more houses than now were built against the wall, like organisms that had grown out of it


Sunday stroll

The employment statistics, and the long faces of politicians, counsel resignation or emigration for today's young arts graduates


The Stendhal vice

Our addiction to reading would not exist without the habit of perpetual writing