Gibraltar police boats harass Spanish fishermen

Algeciras mayor claims Rock is out to create tension ahead of Utrecht anniversary

Cuba announces a new period of economic reforms

Opposition and analysts describe vice-president's measures as "cosmetic"

Studying and working at the same time — a tricky balancing act

Spanish students are some of the least likely to hold down jobs, says the OECD


Plácido Domingo suspends performance after suffering pulmonary embolism

The tenor is not in danger but will have to rest for about a month


Blackmailing the government

Cornered by a foot-dragging legal system, Bárcenas is threatening the Popular Party with more damage


Venezuela keeps world guessing about Snowden’s asylum request

Caracas denies receiving asylum request despite president’s confirmation

snowden affair

OAS asks Spain and other countries to apologize to Bolivia

Spanish representative calls meeting “a show” while Italy warns of "serious consequences"


Brussels warns of risks Spanish banking sector faces from ongoing recession

Troika report on bailout program also points to impact of new regulations on lenders


Madrid court orders stay on privatization of management of regional hospitals

Tribunal to probe last-minute changes made in the conditions of the public tenders


Parallel lives

Dionisio Ridruejo and Ferran Planes narrate two distinct, complementary tales


New Ribera offers clues to his youth

'Saint Jerome Writing' is now attributed to the Spanish 17th-century painter The Prado Museum is helping clear up doubts about his mysterious early years

Local visionaries
Mysterious death

Nurse found dead with needle in her arm: suicide or was it her husband?

Man accused of killing wife leaves jail as prosecutors prepare to appeal ruling


Spain's reliable tourism miracle

Industry voices talk of a record year in 2013 Although accumulated debts and the need to change model provide a cautionary note