Fidel Castro says he supports renewed relations, but distrusts Washington

Cuban ex-president refers to rapprochement for first time in letter published in ‘Granma’

Latin America

Haitians still struggling to survive five years after earthquake

Initial plans to rebuild homes were too ambitious, say international aid groups

Latin America

Cuba begins releasing 53 political prisoners in compliance with US deal

Releases were part of agreement made before announcement of normalization of relations


Cubans in Havana greet US deal with joy and skepticism

Locals celebrate liberation of their most symbolic prisoners and await improvements


Almost 100 activists arrested marking Human Rights Day in Cuba

Police detain dissidents holding demonstrations around the country


The United States attends technical conference on ebola in Havana

The Bolivarian Alliance hosted the summit to coordinate efforts against the epidemic

More children’s bodies identified at Florida reform school

Names have now been attached to three of the 55 sets of remains found at reformatory in Marianna


US embargo has cost Cuba $116 billion in lost revenue, Havana claims

Deputy Foreign Minister Abelardo Moreno will take scathing report to the United Nations


A schism within the Ladies in White

Some 30 members have quit the Cuban dissident movement, causing a crisis in the organization


Puerto Rico’s population dwindles

Number of people on the island is declining due to emigration to the US mainland and low birth rates


Miami’s “bolibourgeoisie”

The oligarchy flourishing under the chavista regime likes to invest its new money in Miami

Latin America

China, Cuba sign bilateral agreements

Raúl Castro is working to attract foreign investment to jumpstart the ailing Cuban economy

latin america

Venezuela’s journalists migrate online to escape government censorship

State secrecy and economic pressure is inspiring a rise in independent digital media outlets

Cuba and EU leaders agree to restart economic and political relations

EU members and Havana decide to push back debate on human rights


Cuba, EU begin talks to restore relations

Despite 1996 veto, 14 member states have bilateral ties with the Castro government

latin america

Cocaine shipments through the Caribbean on the rise

Smugglers being forced to use alternative routes following crackdowns in Mexico

latin america

Cuba opens door to more foreign investors with attractive tax schemes

National Assembly is expected to approve new investment plan at a special session

Latin america

Caricom moves forward in demanding slave trade reparations from Europe

Caribbean leaders come up with 10-point plan to ask for aid and investment

Latin america

Stolen Cuban art surfaces in Miami

Collector alerted Havana after discovering painting by Eduardo Abela at a Florida gallery National Museum officials believe some 100 works may have been robbed


Some 184,000 Cubans take advantage of relaxed travel rules during first year

Brain drain feared by Castro government has not occurred

Elián González travels from Cuba

The "boat child" turns 20 and travels outside of Cuba for the first time since 2000


Venezuela’s lawmakers give Maduro powers to govern by decree

President says he has been given an “iron fist” to fix the country’s economy


Caricom considers ostracizing Dominican Republic over anti-Haitian ruling

St. Vincent PM threatens to ask Caracas to suspend nation from oil agreement Santo Domingo begins international initiative to explain top court’s decision


Dominican conservative forces paved the way for anti-Haitian ruling

Top court revokes nationality of four generations of Dominicans

Cuba bans private cinemas and the sale of imported goods

They say these are "necessary corrections" to protect small independent businesses

“The sugar cane has dried up. Do they want to finish us off, too?”

Thousands of Dominicans, living under harsh conditions in decrepit sugar cane mills where their Haitian ancestors worked, may be stripped of citizenship rights


Latin America’s religious left keeps progressive reforms at bay

Abortion, gay marriage and legalization of drugs are taboo topics for revolutionary governments