“The boat child” feels safe in Ecuador, a ‘brother country’ to Cuba

Elián González spent a week in Quito as part of the Cuban delegation to the World Festival of Youth and Students

Mexico changes its energy policy against the clock

In just 72 hours Mexico's Congress approved constitutional amendments to permit private sector investment in oil industry


Public debt already just short of goal for the full year

Ratio hits 93.4 percent of GDP in the third quarter


Collateral victims

The massive espionage by the US has damaged the freedom of the press and the internet


Banks to be barred from writing off political parties’ debt

Cabinet approves anticorruption measures


“People have to realize that mixing the World Cup with protests is a mistake”

Brazil legend Ronaldo backs demonstrations but believes 2014 investment is sound


Seville court quashes ERE case investigation into Socialist leaders

Embezzlement writ failed to explain "what crimes may have been committed"

Elián González travels from Cuba

The "boat child" turns 20 and travels outside of Cuba for the first time since 2000


Catalan ruling party sees elections as only alternative to self-rule vote

CiU congressional spokesman Duran i Lleida says referendum will only be held if deemed “legal”


Eurovegas not coming to Madrid after company demands rejected

Casino tycoon Adelson wanted guarantees of financial compensation in the event of future legislative changes


Constitutional Court puts the brakes on Castilla y León project

The Environment City, to be constructed on protected land in Soria, has already cost 52 million euros, leading opposition to decry "wastefulness" of PP assembly


Economy Ministry official defends merits of wage moderation

Secretary of state for trade says consumer spending will pick as labor market recovers


Spaniards’ wealth compared to EU partners falls to levels of 1998

New figures reveal that Spain's GDP per capita figures for 2012 are at 96 percent of the EU average


A Syrian solution?

The drift of the Syrian conflict points to a compromise with Iran.


Home sales continue to decline despite price drops

Buyers finding it hard to secure loans, say experts