Ecuador admits it cut Julian Assange’s embassy internet connection

US denies pressuring President Rafael Correa over WikiLeaks Democratic Party emails


Wanted in Ecuador: English-language teachers

3,000 staff sought in one of the Latin American countries where studies start earliest


“We are victims of human trafficking”

Hundreds of Cuban migrants are camping out in a park in downtown Quito as they wait to be allowed passage to the United States


Confusion reigns over number of missing after Ecuador earthquake

Official numbers contradict reports by relatives, as citizens turn to social networks to locate loved ones


Ecuador hit by new powerful tremors

Death toll rises to 525 as rescue teams begin to arrive from neighboring countries


Days after Ecuador quake, hard-hit town still waiting for material aid

The lack of equipment in Pedernales is in contrast with the hundreds of volunteers who came to help


Earthquake measuring 7.8 on Richter scale leaves 413 dead in Ecuador

The EU is sending a million euros’ worth of urgent aid to help the victims of the disaster


Ecuador’s Chimborazo volcano steals a world record from Mount Everest

GPS measurements confirm theory that elevation is furthest point from the Earth’s center


The mysteries hidden atop Ecuador’s tallest volcano

Climber discovers bodies of three people buried in snow on Chimborazo over 20 years ago

Latin America

Ecuador under threat of “soft coup” by opposition, says Correa

Officials fear that spike in anti-government marches may mar pope’s visit on Sunday

Latin America

Correa forced to delay new tax laws after major protests sweep Ecuador

Controversial fiscal measures will be delayed until after pope's visit, says president

Latin America

Ecuador versus Brad Pitt

Correa government campaigning to stop actor making film about Chevron oil-spill trial


Ecuador’s president demands respect from his constituents

Rafael Correa attacks the press for reporting a presidential run-in with a young protestor

Latin America

Ecuador stops distributing condoms to fight “decadence” among teens

President Correa changes national family planning policy to focus on “traditional values”

Latin America

Why the writing’s on the wall for Quito’s errant graffiti artists

A team of language activists in Ecuador is working nights to correct bad spelling

latin america

Ecuador takes on debt in order to grow

In 2013, the country’s deficit exceeded $5 billion, five times more than the previous year


Ecuador reporters accept self-censorship

In the year since new media law went into effect, 125 complaints have been filed against the press

latin america

WikiLeaks founder says he will remain under Ecuador’s protection

After two years trapped in nation’s London embassy, Julian Assange sees no option but to stay on

latin america

Ecuadorian cartoonist keeps his sense of humor despite government fine

Quito daily ordered to correct satirical drawing which angered President Correa

“The boat child” feels safe in Ecuador, a ‘brother country’ to Cuba

Elián González spent a week in Quito as part of the Cuban delegation to the World Festival of Youth and Students