Latin America

Ecuador versus Brad Pitt

Correa government campaigning to stop actor making film about Chevron oil-spill trial

Government approves spending package a week before elections

Plan Pive seeks to boost car sales, while Family Support Plan includes new tax deductions Working mothers will see their pensions boosted according to how many kids they have

Latin America

FARC holds secret meeting with sister group to push them to join peace talks

Colombia's second-largest insurgency, ELN, has rejected disarmament treaty in the past

Spanish soccer players’ strike suspended by High Court

Games to go ahead as normal this weekend after judges favor Liga governing body request

Una carta de amor ‘low cost’ a Madrid

En contra de todos los pronósticos, la comedia romántica anglo-española ‘Tea & Sangría’ ha logrado su estreno en el Reino Unido


Andalusian parliament votes against Susana Díaz investiture for third time

The Socialist politician did not secure a majority at recent regional elections Deputies from the PP, Podemos, Ciudadanos and United Left came up with 62 nos

INTERVIEW | Co-founder of Podemos

Juan Carlos Monedero: “Moderation could disarm Podemos”

Recently resigned number three man hopes the party will return to more radical rhetoric

Why Valencia is paying the high price of rampant political corruption

An estimated €12.5 billion has been plundered from the region’s public coffers. So why do voters keep supporting the same politicians at the polls?


Valencia on red alert for heat, as temperatures drop elsewhere

Region is set to face worst of the hot weather that has been affecting Spain on Thursday