Spain facing compensation bill of billions over renewables cuts

Government suffers first setback as arbitration court says it is competent to judge claims

€8.5 million bond for firm that dried up a unique waterfall in Galicia

Hydroelectricity company Ferroatlántica benefited from a decision by a regional official

Construction firm paid Spain’s UK ambassador €354,000, say tax auditors

Federico Trillo and PP deputy admit to working as consultants while serving in Congress

Tax Agency uncovers alleged wind farm payoff scheme in Castilla y León

Regional officials and businessmen may have received €110 million, say auditors

The real beneficiaries of Madrid’s disastrous toll roads

Franco family among those who profited from billions paid out to expropriate land

Saudis kick up storm over Spanish group’s high-speed desert rail project

Minister’s letter brings to light the problems threatening the €6.7bn Medina-Mecca AVE line

Publicist says Alicante Popular Party paid him in cash for campaign work

Mayor Sonia Castedo, who allegedly hired him for €450,000 election bid, is under scrutiny

expat affairs

The Brits who tried to cut their tax bills, but could now lose their homes

A group of retirees is going to court after signing up for a plan to reduce inheritance duty


Overrun costs or corruption? Why Spain’s public works are in crisis

In six years, the government has paid out €10bn to cover excess spending on construction projects The amount is equivalent to the cuts it made on health and education when it came to office Arrests of nine on embezzlement charges provide latest example of an overly abused process


The soccer player who blew the whistle on corruption in the sport

At 27 professional footballer Borja Criado decided to retire from the sport and study law Now a notary, he has chosen to tell his story about the dark side of the beautiful game


€1.2 billion over budget and still no opening date in sight

Estimated at €1.779 billion, the cost of the Pajares high-speed train tunnels has risen to €3 billion The project reflects the massive squandering of funds on public works in Spain

Salma Hayek eyes controversial estate for sale in Andalusia

"Last remaining Mediterranean jungle" could become luxury development with aircraft runway for airplanes


Doctors shun life-saving abortion

As 32-year-old Daniela found out, access to the procedure at a public hospital can be impossible The government is planning to make the law covering terminations even tougher


Castles in the air?

Plans to build a series of skyscrapers in Marbella have angered local residents

Civil servants relegated to “the aisles”

Top-ranking government employees are often shuffled off to positions with little or nothing to do


Nation’s brand still intact away from home

Spaniards now have a lower opinion of their country than foreigners But the international media is beginning to focus on recovery rather than scandals


Constitutional Court puts the brakes on Castilla y León project

The Environment City, to be constructed on protected land in Soria, has already cost 52 million euros, leading opposition to decry "wastefulness" of PP assembly

state subsidies

Sinking money into a pit

The Miner Plan showered tens of millions of euros on the struggling mining regions But it failed to foment job-generating alternatives to coal of in León, Teruel and Córdoba

city life

The decadence of Madrid

The Spanish capital not only lost its Olympic bid, but is also losing tourists Critics of the city say it is dirty and lacks investment and culture They also point out that it is has nearly € 7.4bn of debt

doping in sports

Getting away with it, still

Operation Cursa is the latest probe into doping, but its results have been disappointing Madrid's failed Olympic bid may have been damaged by Spain's tarnished reputation

The holes in conservative bigwig Carlos Fabra’s golf club

Former Popular Party baron negotiates sale of a course his father built for golfer Sergio García With its finances in ruins, clubhouse has been mortgaged to Sareb bad bank

capital flows

Spain: for sale

The vultures are circling, ready to pick the bones of the country's moribund property sector Dozens of foreign investment funds are moving in to take advantage of low prices


La Mancha’s miracle man

Mónico Sánchez overcame humble origins and the backwardness of 19th-century Spain to triumph in New York with his great invention: the portable X-ray machine


Pedophile was perfect neighbor

Daniel Galván Viña lived a double life for years, abusing children in Morocco, before sparking an international incident when he was mistakenly released from jail


Sex offender never expected to be given royal pardon in Morocco

The Iraqi-born pedophile had an obscure past

Financial Justice

The British buyers fight back

Foreign property investors are battling to recover money lost in deals gone bad


Amateur cycling: the latest doping victim

Banned former professionals are taking over fun events such as the grueling Quebrantahuesos