€119 for tackling Spain’s biggest corruption case in recent memory

Court-appointed attorney defending main Gürtel probe suspect has only received a pittance

Three decades of training program scams

Spain’s system of funding vocational courses has repeatedly shown itself to be open to corruption

Ex-Madrid premier chased by police after illegally parking in Gran Vía

Esperanza Aguirre knocked over traffic officer’s scooter after being asked to show license


10,700 students investigated in training program scandal did not attend courses

At least 13 people have been arrested in alleged conspiracy to defraud €8.9 million


Arrests made in alleged fraud scandal involving bogus training programs

Former president of the Madrid employers association among those detained


Police arrest businessman for massive training program fraud

Around 15 million euros in state and regional funds used to sponsor non-existent students


A vain villain, companies on the make and students who did not exist

Madrid employee training fraud probe uncovers some 15 million euros in diverted state funds

The new face of the Bernabéu

Real Madrid chooses German studio GMP Architekten to remodel its stadium Project beat out bids from prestigious architects such as Norman Foster and Herzog & de Meuron

city life

The decadence of Madrid

The Spanish capital not only lost its Olympic bid, but is also losing tourists Critics of the city say it is dirty and lacks investment and culture They also point out that it is has nearly € 7.4bn of debt


Bernabéu to get company

Real Madrid to fund remodeling of stadium by putting sponsor’s name on wall


Come to the Plaza Mayor - but not for a relaxing 'café con leche'...

Mayor Ana Botella's infamous phrase to the Olympic committee rings hollow for locals

road accident

Madrid politician Cifuentes still in serious condition after scooter crash

Government delegate in semiconscious state after undergoing surgery to stem bleeding on Tuesday night

Notorious bank robber “El Solitario” fakes fainting spell in Madrid court

Judge declines to suspend trial of Jaime Giménez Arbe after detecting ruse


Is Madrid's commitment to its heritage just a façade?

The redevelopment of two listed buildings has caused consternation among architects

Defense lawyer, 90, stuns court with anti-homeless rant

Attorney claims street sleeper "provoked" suspected neo-Nazis into attacking him


The Virgin who made a realty killing

Protected by the Church, the followers of a Madrid seer are amassing a million-euro fortune


Pardons for politicians

Both sides of the political spectrum use governmental power to acquit public office holders for financial crimes Since 2000, 226 have been issued


Government as judge and jury

The Rajoy administration has issued 468 pardons, for every offense imaginable The law doesn't require it to give explanations, resulting in a totally opaque system


The town that wasn't meant to be

Valdeluz should have had 30,000 inhabitants but has only a tenth of that Residents are making the best of things in wake of property boom turned to bust


You are now entering Disaster Avenue

Everyone knew Juan Sebastián Elcano street in Vera, Almería, was prone to flooding. It was built alongside the River Antas, which burst its banks in 1973 and 1989


An “old school lawyer” who died because she wouldn’t break the rules

A policeman is accused of killing Rosa Cobo after she refused to fabricate a case


Ryanair: Low cost, low safety?

The government has accused the Irish airline of breaching regulations But CEO Michael O'Leary says the company is the victim of a smear campaign


"I hope Odyssey has learned its lesson over treasure"

Canadian researcher delighted at Spanish triumph in legal battle


Baby cord stem-cell conman caught after concerned family raises alarm

Scamster left legitimate company and set up fraudulent firm using false documents


Spending cuts that can kill

Lower investment in highways sees the risk of fatal traffic accidents increase Repair firms rail against drastic cutbacks, while government denies any great change

Where is Kelly Agbon's son?

Nigerian immigrant has spent 11 years fighting to get back his child The family was separated by an apparent administrative error

King Juan Carlos: royal marksman with a preference for big game

Spaniards among leading supporters of hunting on African reserves