Son wants answers after mummified remains of mother found in apartment

Woman’s body lay undiscovered for two years despite attempts to enter property


A crisis without borders

After three decades of growth, Spain's charities are facing an unprecedented funding disaster Donations and government funding are drying up, leaving NGOs dependent on volunteers


The great preferential share swindle

Ordinary savers are thought to have been mis-sold 30bn euros worth of complicated financial products, but many are now fighting to get their money back in the courts


Baby cord stem-cell conman caught after concerned family raises alarm

Scamster left legitimate company and set up fraudulent firm using false documents


Village volunteers working off debts

State of bankruptcy means residents must take over municipal tasks


Squatting the land to rise up against unemployment

Laborers occupy a farm near Córdoba in protest at the intended sale of the site by the Andalusian government


United too late: Navarre town rounds on far-right party mayor

With just five percent of the vote, extremist grouping capitalizes on apathy


Gernika - 75 years on

The Basque town was bombed by the Germans during the Civil War Debate still rages as to whether the civilian deaths were deliberate The number of survivors of that fateful day is dwindling fast