Minister Montoro: “The men in black won’t be coming”

Finance chief says Spain needs help but suggests banking union deal is within Europe’s reach Rajoy speaks of need for eurobonds in public for first time


Two arrests after body of three-year old found in garbage dump

Child reported missing in Valencia by his carers last week Mother had been living and working Paris

Castellón resort “rejected” as EuroVegas site after last-ditch casino bid

Negotiations between Madrid and Barcelona are nearly “at final stage”


Unpaid bills for pharmaceuticals

Paying the laboratories is an urgent priority;as is the creation of a central purchasing center


Lisbon gets through latest examination by bailout troika

Three major banks to get 6.65-billion-euro injection


Documenting an artistic partnership

An upcoming exhibition at the Thyssen examines the detailed notes that Edward Hopper and his wife, Josephine Nivison, kept on the painter’s work


Is something rotten in the state of Spain?

Spaniards are shocked and disappointed at the failure of the main parties and the country’s leading institutions to do something about the economic crisis


Rescue of democracy

The crisis is very largely due to the incompleteness and defects of the EU. But it also shows up the defects of our democracy


Dívar's "official business" on weekend trips lasted just hours

Records reveal Chief Justice mixed business with pleasure

Who has a cloister around their pool?

A 12th-century treasure comes to light in the garden of a private home in Girona Professor of medieval art unveils discovery at art convention


United too late: Navarre town rounds on far-right party mayor

With just five percent of the vote, extremist grouping capitalizes on apathy