Barcelona’s iconic Sagrada Familia needs ‘miracle’ to meet 2026 completion deadline

Coronavirus restrictions have all but eliminated visits to Gaudí's iconic basilica, which is funded through entrance fees. Officials meant to finish in time for the centennial of the architect’s death


Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia: the Barcelona basilica without a building permit

Under construction for 136 years so far, the UNESCO World Heritage Site is not overseen by any authority to ensure that construction complies with building norms

Cultural heritage

Protests as medieval treasures removed from Catalan museum

Transfer of religious objects from Lleida to home region sparks anger among independence supporters


Spanish fortune teller is not Salvador Dalí’s daughter, DNA test confirms

Famous artist’s body was recently exhumed amid great controversy to check claim by Pilar Abel


Body of Dalí to be exhumed barring success of foundation’s legal appeal

A Madrid judge has ordered a DNA test on the Spanish artist’s body after paternity claim by 60-year-old


Plot thickens in tale of nuns, missing art and a spat between Catalonia and Aragón

A crib on sale at auction alerted authorities to the irregular movement of a monastery’s valuables


Video: How the new towers will take shape at Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia

The Gaudí-designed church has been under construction for more than a century


Sequel to box-office hit ‘Ocho apellidos vascos’ gets shooting in Catalonia

Cast and crew hoping to repeat phenomenal success of last year’s Spanish film sensation

Civil War air-raid shelter that time forgot uncovered in Barcelona

Tunnels discovered under derelict house are just as last occupants left them


MNAC’s modernist makeover

The Barcelona museum has carved out space to display its magnificent collection of 20th-century art

Staring Black Death in the face in Barcelona

Archeologists uncover first mass grave of 14th-century plague victims to be found in Spain


Dalí’s last laugh from the grave

Artist’s final act of theater caused resentment among his fellow Catalans as he cheated them of his legacy


Social networking novel scoops award

Valencian writer and journalist Carmen Amoraga wins Nadal prize


Shooting from the knee

Joan Colom photographed the seedier side of Barcelona


Surprising developments

A rare peek at a pioneer photographer's large-scale works


Futurism is already here

Fortunato Depero revival is a taste of things to come


A priceless collection left to Barcelona goes up in sfumato

The city was bequeathed the legacy of Julio Muñoz Ramonet, whose will made no mention of his daughters But most of the masterpieces are missing


Cathedral claim breathes life into cloister debate

Medieval expert says the Romanesque gallery discovered on a private Catalan estate dates back to the 12th century and comes from Salamanca

Creative Exhibition

Art under the rising sun

CaixaForum unites 300 works influenced by Japonism


Michelangelo statue to return to Andalusia

Now back in one piece, 'Young St John' is headed to Úbeda


The poetic photography of Chema Madoz

The artist's images are never what they first appear to be


"In Europe everyone is waiting for the Chinese collectors to arrive"

Spain is a straggler in the global art market, says economist Clare McAndrew

The Civil War seen through unknown eyes

Hundreds of never-before-viewed negatives taken by an anonymous photographer provide a glimpse of daily life during the Spanish conflict


A case of daylight pillaging

A Civil Guard operation has led to the arrest of retired villager Ricardo Granada He is thought to have dug more than 4,000 archeological items up from Celtiberian sites

Joan Fontcuberta, the first Spaniard to win photography’s ‘Nobel’

The Barcelona artist receives the Hasselblad Award for 30 years of thought-provoking work

Restorers in Barcelona uncover drawing by teenage Picasso

Charcoal work was discovered on cardboard supporting portrait of his mother


Mesopotamia, the origin of the world as we know it

CaixaForum shows how civilization sprung from Sumeria