Eight terror arrests made in Ceuta

Ammunition recovered during raids on suspected Al Qaeda sympathisers


Princess Cristina committed no tax fraud on her returns, say auditors

Urdangarin’s ex-business partner faces another tax charge


Olot porter who killed 11 seniors given 127-year jail sentence

Joan Vila Dilmé said he wanted to help his victims to die “to ease their sufferings”


Government downsizing “will save 37.7 billion euros”

Deputy PM claims that cuts can be made with no job losses But regions resist taking up Rajoy’s cost-cutting advice


A necessary correction

Education Minister Wert needs to urgently reexamine the new student grant system

latin america

March organizers call off demonstrations in São Paulo

Groups with other interests have infiltrated protests, says Free Pass Movement Violence breaks out in Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and other cities


Mexico City’s former mayor challenges Peña Nieto to debate Pemex reforms

President tells ‘Financial Times’ constitutional changes are needed to denationalize oil sector

Creative Exhibition

Art under the rising sun

CaixaForum unites 300 works influenced by Japonism


Police bust illegal cigarette factory

Six people charged outside Madrid with smuggling and illegal production of tobacco products

Financial Scandal

Layoff-scam judge accuses labor unions of complicity in massive fraud

Workers' representatives "connived" to skim Andalusian unemployment subsidy


Net-born revolts

Modern social protests mobilize the masses like never before. Efficacy of such grassroots movements is questionable