Mexico–US relations

Mexico City mayor: “Trump has realized that Mexico can take a tougher stance”

Miguel Ángel Mancera accuses US president of seeing its neighbor as a company he can control


“Peru needs a social revolution: this country is very backward”

President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski gives his first interview after taking office to El País

Latin America

Ex-Spanish PM to defend jailed Venezuelan opposition leaders

Felipe González says López and Ledezma are “political prisoners in jail for being politicians”


“Colombia’s peace negotiations with the FARC are irreversible”

Retired Spanish General Luis Alejandre was invited to sit in on the Havana talks


Mexico targets drugs and poverty in troubled south

Peña Nieto’s proposed strategy combines combating organized crime with economic aid


Álvaro Mutis and his literary mariner reach the end of their voyage

Prize-winning Colombian poet and writer passes away at 90 in Mexico City


PRI leader: Reforms haven’t caused chaos on the streets of Mexico

The president of ruling party believes there many false claims about Peña Nieto’s proposals


Peña Nieto decides not to impose VAT on medicines and foodstuffs

Mexican president unveils his tax reform which includes offering jobless benefits for the first time

“Mexico can no longer afford decafeinated reforms”

The business leader calls for the country can move "from scandals to sanctions"


Mexico’s Peña Nieto pledges to roll on with energy and education reforms

President calls on Mexicans to “take advantage of window of opportunity”


Mexico’s parties draw lines in battle over reforms at state-owned oil firm

Leftists PRD warns of uproar in the streets if PRI tries to privatize Pemex


Brutal leader of Zetas cartel is captured

Arrest marks first major success against drug gangs for Peña Nieto

Mexico will press to “flexibilize” US border policy

Foreign secretary speaks out against high-security approach within Washington’s migration reform

“The US militarization of the border is a threat to Mexico”

Four Mexican intellectuals reject the immigration measures being discussed in Washington and criticize the Peña Nieto government for being “spineless”


Mexico City’s former mayor challenges Peña Nieto to debate Pemex reforms

President tells ‘Financial Times’ constitutional changes are needed to denationalize oil sector

Panama, a place for geopolitics to call home

Development and investment opportunities are on the rise in the isthmus nation

China and Mexico sign “tequila pact” to boost bilateral trade

Leaders pledge to put differences aside and work together

Four Latin nations take large steps forward to forge “a real trade bloc”

Pacific Alliance could pose challenge to Brazil and existing regional partnerships

Pact for Mexico divides country’s conservative opposition

PAN split emerges as Peña Nieto’s reforms get rubber stamp

Venezuela votes

Capriles demands recount after Maduro is awarded narrow victory

Opposition claims there were more than 3,200 voting violations across the country Chávez’s successor reminds supporters that opponents would not accept his win

“The melodrama is out there on the streets”

Life imitates art for screenwriter in Venezuela, as threats pour in

Fraud and manipulation claims tarnish post-Chávez election

Global lawmakers ask race officials to ensure a clean ballot count on Sunday

Obama’s Mexico visit seen as solid backing for Peña Nieto

US president wants to discuss immigration and security, and renew economic ties Central American leaders will have a sit-down with Obama in Costa Rica


“Mexico has not had a growth strategy in 30 years”

Three-time presidential candidate Cárdenas says Constitution needs no change to attract oil investments

Mexico stunned by new president’s flying start

PRI’s Peña Nieto takes firm grip on country’s reins with cross-party pact and education makeover. Real challenges will come with energy and tax reforms


Mexico's "most powerful woman" busted for siphoning off union funds

Education workers' group head used money for shopping sprees, plastic surgery


Hernán Cortés, the humanitarian

Historian argues conquistador authored renowned critical account of Mexico conquest