North American leaders agree to work toward easing visa restrictions for transport

Gripes over spying, oil pipeline and migration were aired between three NAFTA states

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“The Michoacán self-defense forces are not criminals”

Peña Nieto’s special commissioner believes gaining the vigilantes’ trust is vital for peace


“I warned Mexico that citizens would take up arms”

Colombian General Óscar Naranjo completes his duties as special security advisor in Mexico

latin america

Mexican authorities target 26 members of Michoacán cartel

State security chief doubts tales that legendary leader ‘El Chayo’ is still alive


PRI leader: Reforms haven’t caused chaos on the streets of Mexico

The president of ruling party believes there many false claims about Peña Nieto’s proposals


Mexico’s Peña Nieto goes on the offensive against union protestors

Congress rushes through teaching reform amid complaints that national pact has become a steamroller

PRI suffers election blow in key Mexican state race

The Institutional Revolutionary Party did not recognize Baja California defeat and demanded recount


PRI stands to lose gubernatorial race in Baja California

Peña Nieto’s hope of reconquering state lost in 1989 are dashed

Mexico will press to “flexibilize” US border policy

Foreign secretary speaks out against high-security approach within Washington’s migration reform

Mexico’s leftist party vows to fight Peña Nieto’s Pemex privatization bid

PRD seeks to unite its factions against president’s plans for constitutional reform


Proposed reforms inside Pemex threaten to break Mexico’s biggest leftist party

Tensions among PRD’s leaders have divided members into factions


Mexico City’s former mayor challenges Peña Nieto to debate Pemex reforms

President tells ‘Financial Times’ constitutional changes are needed to denationalize oil sector

“We seek to lead an effort in pragmatic diplomacy”

Foreign Secretary José Antonio Meade on why the US needs Mexico


Pact for Mexico crisis is far from over, says Peña Nieto’s chief of staff

Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong tells EL PAÍS that PRI will continue to work with opposition

Peña Nieto forced to halt Pact for Mexico reform process

Conservatives threaten to break consensus deal after president plays down vote-buying controversy


The PRI goes to Mass

Enrique Peña Nieto becomes first president from party to publicly attend Catholic service


“Mexico has not had a growth strategy in 30 years”

Three-time presidential candidate Cárdenas says Constitution needs no change to attract oil investments

The music died the day Kombo Kolombia played its final dance tune

Mexico shocked by the murders of 14 band members, executed by narcos


Mexican parties pact for the future

Peña Nieto gets major commitments from opposition a day after taking office


Former Mexican mayor who "refused to give in" found dead

María Santos Gorrostieta Salazar, 36, had survived at least four assassination attempts


“It is time to make some adjustments to this welfare state”

Mexican magnate Carlos Slim gives his view on Europe's crisis

PROFILE - Mexican journalist Lydia Cacho

"The government recommended that I leave the country"

The World Press Freedom Hero has received death threats over her reporting

"I don't fear being called before the Hague court; I acted within the law"

Mexican president Felipe Calderón defends his record in office, blaming the spiraling violence in the country on a cartel turf war


Mexico readies to welcome back PRI

Polls show once-dominant party's Peña Nieto leading presidential race


“More than my freedom, I want my innocence”

Convicted kidnapper Cassez wants to help Mexico clean up its legal system

Mexico finally approves law to help victims of ongoing brutal drug war

Legislation will also cover members of cartels and other criminal gangs