Spain to use only 60 billion euros of bailout, says minister

De Guindos: No let-up on austerity even with ECB aid


Experts agree that teeth and bones found in search for Ruth and José are human

Police forensics had originally dismissed find at Bretón family home as animal remains


Galician premier calls early elections

Alberto Núñez Feijóo chooses date to coincide with Basque polls


Three decades of hitting the high notes

Madrid’s Café Central jazz club is celebrating 30 years of legendary performances


Camarón: back for one last bulería

Paco de Lucía and Tomatito provide guitar backing on a version of a song by the late flamenco legend that has been rescued from the archives

“He was planning his strategy to have his children disappear”

Police and judicial reports reveal the extent of José Bretón’s plotting


Foreigners help Michelin-starred restaurants weather the storm

Spain's haute cuisine chefs say the top end of the market is doing well The effect of the economic crisis has been minimized thanks to overseas customers


The front spreads wider

The worsening of the civil war in Syria is having a destabilizing effect throughout the whole region

Radar speed checks: is safety or revenue the main concern?

New report suggests clearly signaling speed traps slows motorists down


South Africa and Mexico

When I think of South Africa I think of Mexico, and of George Orwell


Judge uncovers more suspected wrongdoing by King's son-in-law

Urdangarin used private funding in bid to organize conference


Spain’s sporting Cinderellas

Female athletes have outperformed their male colleagues with fewer resources


Quo vadis Hispania?

Can the Spanish state cope with a crisis that accentuates tension between the center and the periphery?

Akira Cómics: the world's best store

The Madrid business is the first Spanish shop to receive an Eisner Award The prize, the Oscar of the graphic-novel scene, is handed out each year in San Diego


The new Chinese

Spain's Asian community has grown six-fold in the last decade, producing a new generation of confident citizens who are set on shaking up business culture

Education minister plans to protect subsidies for single-sex schools

Funding for boys- and girls-only education threatened by Supreme Court decision

PROFILE - Mexican journalist Lydia Cacho

"The government recommended that I leave the country"

The World Press Freedom Hero has received death threats over her reporting