Trump: fake news even on the golf course

For the US president the important thing is to win, even when the facts suggest otherwise


The Spanish connection with Trump’s Russia scandal

Alexander Torshin, deputy governor of the Central Bank of Russia and investigated in Spain for money laundering, has infiltrated the US president’s circle


Brexit: The will of the people

On the day the UK triggers Article 50, many are wondering whether the shot will be fatal, or whether there is still hope that the patient will recover


Trump’s mad cows

The elimination of the desire to distinguish truth from lies follows the example of Russia, where this disease has been incubating for centuries


A man baby in the White House

He’s a 70-year-old man with the emotional maturity of, well, perhaps not a newborn, but certainly a spoiled elementary school brat


The trinity of fear

Trump knows what our most basic emotion is, and was able to play on it


An American tragicomedy

US voters have an opportunity to turn their country into a TV sitcom with guaranteed global success


Washington hotline, Trump calling Moscow

John Carlin takes a satirical look at how Putin might react if Donald Trump wins the US election


Ten drunkards who shocked the world

After doing a lot of damage, UKIP has revealed itself as a band of bullies


Johan Cruyff’s butterfly effect on Pep Guardiola

Manchester City coach praises his mentor at launch of Dutch soccer legend’s autobiography


The year of living stupidly

Sadly, 2016 will be remembered above all for its cynical politicians and ignorant or irresponsible voters


Gunslingers for peace

How four international mediators helped the Colombian government reach agreement with the FARC


How the seeds of corruption are sown in Spain’s junior soccer leagues

A father and son have met stiff opposition in their fight against a clear case of match-rigging


Spain: an island of decency and good sense

Compared with the US and ‘Brexit’ campaigns, the political climate in Spain is a shining example of tolerance


Spanish espionage enters Brexit debate

Ex-British intel chief uses Spain’s services as an example of why it’s better to remain in the EU


‘Compromise’ — a simple word without a Spanish translation

The concept seems largely unknown in Hispanic culture, but Spain’s politicians would do well to learn its meaning


The frustrations of perfection

Australia may be one of the world’s richest countries, but that doesn’t mean it’s satisfied


The Catalan Animal House

The most surprising thing about Sunday’s polls is that more Catalans didn’t vote in favor of independence, argues John Carlin


Paraguay conquers happiness

The South American nation is the happiest country in the world, according to a Gallup survey. But it is also one of the most unjust and corrupt


Barça is not Catalonia

What is going on between Catalonia and the rest of Spain? John Carlin presents a guide for perplexed Britons and other foreigners

Catalan elections 2015

Pablo Iglesias: “Catalans, stay with us and let’s all kick out Rajoy together”

Podemos chief discusses Catalan elections, global politics and his desire to govern Spain

Why the British conservative press is saying “¡Viva Espana!”

The lack of stability in other Mediterranean countries is seeing a boost in UK tourism


Colombia will send top military aides to negotiate definitive FARC ceasefire

President Santos admits “not everyone will be happy” when peace deal is finally reached


Religion by other means

Writer John Carlin concludes his two-part analysis of the Podemos phenomenon


What does Podemos want?

Writer John Carlin begins a two-part series exploring the phenomenal rise of the new party


My Gibraltar granny

Could the British press be suggesting that a Spanish relative allows you to play soccer for the Rock? Surely not…


Bin Laden’s shadow

Even if the West, weary of apparently unsolvable problems, washes its hands of the dirty business that goes on there, Osama bin Laden is laughing in his grave. And he will go on laughing for years.