Beckham on the turf

Perhaps he did not provide a boost to Real Madrid’s play but he honored the club and proved a wise investment


Soccer is civilization

Religion has generated far more hatred and cruelty than any football match, however heated the rivalries and emotions involved


Iron Lady, not amused

The late Margaret Thatcher had no time for laughs, and even less for sporting events

Buenos Aires scoffs at Falklands vote to stay British

UK leader Cameron celebrates near-unanimous result and vows to defend islanders' right to decide their own future


In the chimp seats

Racism in Spain’s soccer stadiums has to be seen as everybody’s problem before progress can be made


We’re Mexican, after all

Even the average observer can see that the Spanish political elite have little "elite" about them


Politics and lunatics

We have no medical proof that our political leaders are crazy. The question is, would we be better off if they really were?


South Africa and Mexico

When I think of South Africa I think of Mexico, and of George Orwell


The national party

What tourists love about Spain may well be the cause of its economic crisis


The Puerto Banús bubble

In search of signs of the crisis in the Marbella millionaires' playground


Little brown men

In the 1980s the US spent some $5 billion in El Salvador; then with the communist menace defeated, it went away

“Mugged in Madrid. Need 1,000 euros”

A ring of Gmail hackers uses Western Union for cash swindles around the world