“The Spanish royal palace even had microphones in the bathrooms”

Inventor Juan de la Cierva designed the king’s security system and won Spain its first Oscar


Notorious Spanish businessman José María Ruiz-Mateos dies at 84

Founder of Rumasa and Nueva Rumasa conglomerates was facing fraud charges


Why you might want to call your lawyer before you tweet

As a new Madrid councilor found out last month, off-color jokes can come back to bite you

Spain’s new bankruptcy legislation offers hope for debtors

“Second opportunity” law makes it easier to declare insolvency and devise repayment plans

Marbella’s ‘amigo’ Salman

The new Saudi king has visited the Málaga resort every summer for the last three decades

Saudis kick up storm over Spanish group’s high-speed desert rail project

Minister’s letter brings to light the problems threatening the €6.7bn Medina-Mecca AVE line


Fernando Alonso and Ferrari: The grounds for divorce

With the Spanish driver now due to return to McLaren, EL PAÍS asks what went wrong


The new map of Spain’s dying interior

In almost half of the country’s provinces, a third of inhabitants are aged 65 or over

Spain asks its hackers for help

Prosecutors and police admit they need all the assistance they can get to fight cybercrime


The man who hunted down Spain’s Republican exiles

Loreto Urraca has uncovered the dark history of her grandfather, who spied for the Franco regime

Spanish marijuana production grows fivefold in five years

“Eurocannabis” taking over markets that were once dominated by Moroccan hashish

Welcome to Spain’s foreign capital

Over 77% of residents in San Fulgencio are expats – the highest proportion in the country

Is this the end of drug baron “El Nene”?

Mohamed Taieb Ahmed is missing after his boat was reportedly ambushed off the Moroccan coast


“We have put our knowledge to the service of change”

The leader of new party Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, argues that his policies are not populist


The untamed ambition of Podemos, the surprise victor in Sunday’s poll

Leader Pablo Iglesias says his party will “move forward until we throw the PP and the PSOE out”


What went on inside the minds of politician Isabel Carrasco’s killers?

Criminologists are surprised at how neither woman suspected of murder talked other out of the plan They say mother and daughter shared a “toxic idea,” which they obsessed over for up to two years


The story behind the shooting of politician Isabel Carrasco

The career of Montserrat Triana Martínez, whose mother admits to the killing, was progressing But then something went wrong in 2011, setting off a chain of events that led to Monday’s murder


I shot her out of spite – Suspect in killing of Spanish politician confesses

Mother of ex-León Provincial Council employee says she fired gun that killed Isabel Carrasco Local policewoman hands in alleged murder weapon, saying it turned up in the trunk of her car


For God, for Spain... and for Tejero?

Controversial dinner for coup plotter highlights sense of entitlement among Civil Guard’s top brass


“How long will I be an immigrant for?”

Sixteen years after entering Spain illegally, Albert Yaka and Michael Dike reflect on their experiences


Interior Ministry to install “anti-climb mesh” on Ceuta and Melilla borders

Fernández Diáz calls criticism of Civil Guard’s actions “immoral”


Largest ever attempt made to storm Ceuta border fence repelled

Over 1,000 would-be immigrants try to enter Spanish exclave in two groups


Last stop Tangier

Morocco has taken on the role of guarding Europe's southern frontier Thousands of men and women's only chance of making it into Europe is by reaching Spanish soil


How an ideal couple’s life went to hell

Officially, the marriage of Princess Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin was an idyllic union But the Nóos inquiry court papers paint a very different picture


State and judiciary team up to manage Princess Cristina’s court date

Royal Household decided best course of action was not to appeal against summons

Burgos protestors point to “The Boss”

Businessman Méndez Pozo believed to be true powerbroker in northern city Construction and media magnate plays down links to ruling Popular Party


How a rumor grew into a royal scandal

For seven years Urdangarin's business deals remained out of the limelight But the Palma Arena case brought them to the fore, ensnaring his wife, Princess Cristina