US and Cuba announce the reopening of their embassies

July 20 set as date for reestablishment of formal diplomatic relations after 54 years


Cuba becomes first nation to eliminate mother-to-child HIV transmission

World Health Organization also validates eradication of mom-to-baby spread of syphilis

Why the heat puts us in a bad mood

Research points to links between hot weather and irritability, anxiety, and even wars


Ryanair launches petition to ban strikes by air traffic controllers

Move comes as both Spanish and French staff get ready to leave their posts in July


Why you might want to call your lawyer before you tweet

As a new Madrid councilor found out last month, off-color jokes can come back to bite you


A single Spanish language proficiency certificate for the whole planet

Spain’s King Felipe presents new test for determining students’ levels, wherever they are


The Zaragoza guitarist who set the internet ablaze with a cover of ‘Beat It’

Guitar teacher Miguel Rivera achieves global fame after student posts his work on Reddit


Tracking the threat of Spain’s returning jihadists

Danger posed by former Islamic State volunteers greatest in Catalonia, Ceuta and Melilla Twenty-five combatants from Spain have died in Syria and Iraq

The man who just added a second to Spaniards’ lives

Navy officer Francisco Javier Galindo is in charge of adjusting the universal time standard

Citizen Safety Law

Five things Spain’s ‘gag law’ will stop you doing from today

Protesting in front of Congress and other “risky” actions carry fines of up to €600,000