Spanish Health Ministry lowers coronavirus death toll by nearly 2,000

The discrepancy has been attributed to the elimination of duplicate records and the fact that regions had reported suspected Covid-19 fatalities as confirmed cases


Welcome to Micropolix, Madrid’s capitalist theme park for kids

In this mini-city, children play at being adults: they get jobs, open bank accounts and obssess about money


Video showing devastating plastic pollution on Tenerife beach goes viral

A conservationist has captured images of the waste covering the shore of the Canary Island. Currents in the area act as a garbage collector for what washes in from the North Atlantic


Why a Facebook post about Spain’s public healthcare system went viral

Expectant mother Eva Castizo wrote that she wanted a symbolic invoice of all the services she had received, to highlight the importance of the country’s free healthcare


Racism in Spain’s rental market: “They asked me what color my parents were”

Experiment reveals that finding a place to rent in Spain is harder if you are not white, with some ads advertising properties “only for Spaniards”


Spanish photographer’s prizewinning images of Spain’s burst housing bubble

Markel Redondo used drones to capture these striking images of the country’s abandoned property developments

Life in rural Spain

16 unwritten rules of living in a Spanish village

There are no fines for disobeying these norms but failure to comply definitely won’t go unnoticed

Rural way of life

The Spanish post office that only opens for 15 minutes a day

Hours of Correos branch in rural northwestern Spain go viral on social media


Spain’s skateboarding hero: cartoons that pay tribute to London victim

One image dedicated to Ignacio Echeverría was retweeted more than 7,000 times in a day


Spanish court slaps student with jail term for tweeting terrorism jokes

21-year-old’s cracks about 1973 attack against a Francoist official represent “mockery”

Sexism in Spain

Ardent Spanish chef’s WhatsApp proposition is a recipe for dismissal

Madrid restaurant fires cook after inappropriate messages to female job applicant go viral


Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy’s Carnival double is a hit on Twitter

Jogging leader parodied with frightening accuracy at carnival parade in Basque town of Tolosa

LGBTQ rights

Boys do have penises: Spanish group runs anti-transgender message

Slogan on side of bus directly counters recent campaign by advocacy group Chrysallis


Anger over “sexy” party costumes for young girls

Photo of provocative nurse’s outfit for four to six year olds shared on Facebook 7,000 times in one day


This shirt was made for talking

Icon-Speak lets travelers point at symbols to make themselves understood


Just who is ‘Torbe,’ Spain’s so-called porn king?

Sex industry entrepreneur in jail on charges of corrupting minors and people trafficking


The Spanish hairdresser who uses a samurai sword and blow torch

After a video showing stylist Alberto Olmedo at work went viral, we dared head over for a trim


Ten souvenirs for sale at Valley of the Fallen, Franco’s grave in Madrid

Thimbles and paperweights sit incongruously on display above 33,833 dead bodies

Verne in English

Spain’s craziest summer festivals

Fiesta time doesn’t always mean running with the bulls: some prefer to hurl gas canisters


The Zaragoza guitarist who set the internet ablaze with a cover of ‘Beat It’

Guitar teacher Miguel Rivera achieves global fame after student posts his work on Reddit