Brexit, Catalan independence bid “based on lies,” says Spanish PM

In an interview with international media, Pedro Sánchez argues that the rhetoric in both cases has led societies down a blind alley

Six toxins that weaken democracy

The electoral successes of Brexit, Trump and Chávez have some revealing commonalities

¿Qué? podcast, episode 12: What’s going to happen at the Spanish elections?

This week we discuss the upcoming date that Spaniards have at the polling booths, and also, in the last episode of our first season, mention a few stories we didn’t have time for...

Video showing devastating plastic pollution on Tenerife beach goes viral

A conservationist has captured images of the waste covering the shore of the Canary Island. Currents in the area act as a garbage collector for what washes in from the North Atlantic

Vox party official under scrutiny for alleged hate speech against Muslims

Spanish prosecutors are investigating a complaint by an Islamic association in connection with a rally that talked about “the Islamist invasion”

“I never searched for my daughter in case they told me she was dead”

Manuela Grande, the mother of one of the Spaniards identified in Syria, tells EL PAÍS about the tough childhood of Luna Fernández and explains how the husband radicalized her

El Roto

El Roto cartoon, April 4, 2019