¿Qué? podcast, episode 12: What’s going to happen at the Spanish elections?

This week we discuss the upcoming date that Spaniards have at the polling booths, and also, in the last episode of our first season, mention a few stories we didn’t have time for...

PP leader Pablo Casado on the campaign trail.
PP leader Pablo Casado on the campaign trail.RAÚL SANCHIDRIÁN (EFE)
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This week on our ¿Qué? podcast, we discuss the topic that is set to dominate the news agenda for the next few weeks: the Spanish general election, taking in the fragmentation of the right, the risk of voter apathy for the Socialist Party, and the Popular Party obsession with the issue of abortion.

We also read out this week’s listener correspondence, and run down a few of the very ¿Qué? stories from the last week that we didn’t have time to cover in full...

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¿Qué? is a podcast that tries to explain to an English-speaking audience the curious, the under-reported and sometimes simply bizarre news stories that are often in the headlines in Spain. 

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