Permanent Council of the OAS silences Venezuelan opposition

Member states agree to make the session featuring Representative Corina Machado private

Netanyahu cancels Latin American tour due to gov’t strike at home

Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs strike halts Prime Minister's trip to Mexico, Panama and Colombia


Prince George gets a Spanish nanny

Prince William and Kate Middleton hire María Teresa Turrión Borrallo to look after young royal


Marches against austerity cuts reach outskirts of Madrid

Six columns from all parts of Spain set to converge on the capital on Saturday

20 new rules to remember for Spanish road users

Government’s recently passed reforms will mean heftier fines for violators Alcohol tests for pedestrians and a ban on speed camera detectors among the new measures


Finance minister rules out new VAT hike

Cristóbal Montoro ignores advice from panel of experts on tax reform


“How long will I be an immigrant for?”

Sixteen years after entering Spain illegally, Albert Yaka and Michael Dike reflect on their experiences

Chauffeurs say top officials are forcing them to break traffic regulations

There has been a recent spike in fines for luxury cars carrying ministers, judges and MPs

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Why sexual assault goes almost unpunished on Brazil’s public transport

Three arrests in 48 hours in São Paulo reignite debate over women-only carriages Groping women on trains or buses does not fall under specific category in penal code


A decade of male-on-female violence leaves a tragic total of 658 deaths

The killing of five women in as many days has highlighted an issue that refuses to go away The problem has been aggravated by cuts to programs to combat domestic abuse, say experts


An insufficient explanation

The government is calling for a cross-party pact on immigration, but is refusing to release all the information about the recent deaths of sub-Saharans in Ceuta

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Uruguay agrees to accept five inmates from Guantánamo

President Mujica stresses he isn't asking Washington for anything in return


New register of Catalans abroad seeks to broaden referendum voter base

Move seen as undercover step toward regional independence

Son of Adolfo Suárez announces that former PM’s death is “imminent”

Spain’s first democratic premier, who has Alzheimer’s disease, could die within 48 hours