Fear in Brazil over World Cup homeless “cleansing”

Human rights groups protest hidden agenda against street dwellers


Rajoy skeptical about broad pact to push through reforms

Socialists offer ruling Popular Party agreement in four areas, including employment and economic modernization

Inflation drops to lowest level in 37 months on electricity

Annual rate at 1.4 percent compared to peak of 3.5 percent in October of last year

euro crisis

Berlin rejects calls for domestic stimulus plan to help out Spain

But bilateral plan means German companies will invest in Spanish family firms to boost local employment

“We seek to lead an effort in pragmatic diplomacy”

Foreign Secretary José Antonio Meade on why the US needs Mexico

Obama looks to a new US-Mexico axis

Washington seeks a partner to reinforce its leadership in the 21st century


Pescanova debt revealed to be close to four billion euros

Adding subsidiaries and foreign units, fish-processing company’s arrears more than double admitted amount


Intolerably retrograde

Plans to reform abortion, even in the case of fetal malformation, have distinct Francoist echoes



Zapatero´s Alliance of Civilizations has become an expensive joke, yet the PP does not do away with it


Sáenz steps down as Santander CEO despite Cabinet’s “honorability” decree

Supreme Court partly annulled his pardon for false accusation conviction Former Banesto chief will be replaced by general manager Javier Marín


Rajoy defiant on economy despite record jobless rate

PM rules out ministerial changes and claims reforms will begin to take effect toward end of government’s term


Google can’t beat the App Store

Android cellphones may outnumber iPhones, but Apple’s clients spend more