Spanish airports to increase operations from July 1 in preparation for tourist arrivals

Spain’s Aena authority is set to reopen terminals in Madrid and Barcelona next month, when travel restrictions into the EU are gradually lifted


Airport authority plans €1.5-billion overhaul for Madrid’s Barajas

The facility manager, Aena, wants to merge Terminals 1, 2 and 3 and to expand Terminal 4 in order to raise potential passenger volume to 80 million


Spain hopes to attract Norwegian investment to its renewable energy projects

Sovereign wealth fund’s new mandate to ditch fossil fuel assets and spend on clean power opens up opportunities, says minister


Problems on day one of Spain’s new clocking-in system: “This is not going to be useful”

Small businesses are having trouble implementing the new rules, which force all companies, regardless of size, to keep track of worker schedules


Spain’s airport operator launches ambitious solar panel project

Aena will invest €250 million in renewable energy to save on its energy bills and cut carbon emissions


Spain loses first arbitration claim over cuts to renewable energy subsidies

ICSID says Madrid must pay €128 million to the British-based Eiser Infrastructure Limited

Economy and Business

Spanish firm Repsol makes largest onshore oil discovery in US in 30 years

Company says it has discovered approximately 1.2 billion barrels in Alaska’s North Slope


New Panama Canal set to open, but builder unsure how much it will earn

Spanish-led consortium that built expansion trusts it will reach a deal over cost overruns


Mario Conde: The brief but brilliant career of a failed banker

Thanks to his meteoric rise, the disgraced former Banesto chief was once profiled for a career in politics


Abengoa creditors to seek country-by-country solutions to debt crisis

Seville-based energy giant could become Spain’s largest corporate bankruptcy case


Spanish government may claim damages from Volkswagen

Industry Ministry bases action on past subsidies it granted for the purchase of VW vehicles


Ex-Qatari PM buys 10% stake in El Corte Inglés department store chain

Investment is expected to help Spain’s biggest retailer expand into foreign markets

PM defends tax amnesty and decision to keep beneficiaries’ names secret

Mariano Rajoy says he found out about Rodrigo Rato’s arrest through the media


The man who revolutionized the Spanish banking sector

Age was no obstacle for Botín, who remained on the frontline at Santander until his death


Iberdrola to cut investment in Spain in wake of energy sector reforms

Utility’s earnings fell seven percent last year due to regulatory changes Company chairman: “We feel more British, Mexican and American than Spanish”

household energy

A revolution in the electricity bill

Price will be fixed on hourly basis for households with new meters Ministry calculates abandoning use of auctions will shave 3 percent off cost


Electricity companies hit back in war of words over wholesale auction

Unesa says minister’s claim of “crude manipulation” is a sign of “contempt” for the sector


Government agrees solution with electricity suppliers to avoid rate hike

Utilities will be allowed to securitize 3.6-billion-euro tariff deficit


Repsol’s board backs chairman with opposition of Pemex

Mexican firm’s alliance up in the air as it moves toward accord with YPF


Pemex airs its complaints about poor benefits from Repsol stake

Mexican firm reportedly exploring alternative to current management


Family businesses call for simpler taxes and greater access to credit

"There is always more that can be done," Rajoy's government is told at industry meeting in Jerez


Boosted investment data reflects renewed global interest in Spain

China’s Sinopec currently negotiating to buy Repsol’s 30-percent stake in Gas Natural Two major corporate deals announced on Thursday alone

New study of financing behind Spanish Civil War takes award

Book by former bank chief José Ángel Sánchez Asiaín National Prize for Spanish History


FCC to reduce debt by 2015 through sale of assets

Construction group looking to return to profits in 2015

Industry minister laments Iberia’s fortunes since its merger with BA

Soria defends electricity sector reform that has left nobody happy


Electricity sector on standby as ministry grapples with funding gap

Finance's refusal to cut budget slack to plug tariff deficit delays plans for industry overhaul Consumers can expect higher bills


Rajoy skeptical about broad pact to push through reforms

Socialists offer ruling Popular Party agreement in four areas, including employment and economic modernization