Portuguese hit the streets against new austerity budget

Protestors demand lawmakers reject government plan for 2014


Socialists face government crisis in Asturias as key partner breaks away

Single UPyD seat is crucial in split assembly


Rayo Vallecano’s Jémez dreams of Real thumping

Coach presages giving Madrid “a good going over” on Saturday

“The sugar cane has dried up. Do they want to finish us off, too?”

Thousands of Dominicans, living under harsh conditions in decrepit sugar cane mills where their Haitian ancestors worked, may be stripped of citizenship rights


UN concerned about Medellín’s growing drug and sex tourism culture

Colombia’s third-largest city attracts foreigners looking to get high and abuse children

Spain approves sale of e-cigarettes in tobacco stores

Some campaigners had asked for the vapor-producing products to be regulated by the Health Ministry


The high price of spying

Distrust among citizens is growing on a par with the complicity of European politicians


Melilla strengthens border defenses after summer of mass entry attempts

Spanish exclave in North Africa reintroduces controversial razor wire to top of six-meter high frontier fence

Peter Sloterdijk: “The old demons are back in Europe”

The German thinker’s fame as a provocateur has not waned since he published a defense of human genetic manipulation 15 years ago


Family businesses call for simpler taxes and greater access to credit

"There is always more that can be done," Rajoy's government is told at industry meeting in Jerez

The towns called Franco

Film on Caudillo's countryside communities sparks controversy at festival

‘The uglies’ big day’ — Spain’s first smartphone series

Dystopian black comedy is available via Android or iOS app

This week’s movie releases

No Branagh at the helm but ‘Thor’ wields his hammer once more

Prostitute who took own life had been fined five times by police

Support groups say that practice "victimizes" roadside sex workers


Putting up a fight

While the rise of xenophobic populism in Europe is cause for concern, civil society is also showing the will to confront it


Boosted investment data reflects renewed global interest in Spain

China’s Sinopec currently negotiating to buy Repsol’s 30-percent stake in Gas Natural Two major corporate deals announced on Thursday alone