Time for a name change?

Residents of Matajudíos (literally, Killjews) to vote on whether to call their village something else


The DC-3 that disappeared without trace

The son of a pilot who went missing over Spain is still fighting to discover the truth about his father Stephen Whitaker believes that the CIA may have been using the plane

immigration crisis

Moroccan officers crossing into Melilla to take back migrants, charges NGO

Government delegate states that sub-Saharans had been caught between the barrier fences


Lisbeth Salander lives on in Melilla

A whistleblower styling herself on Stieg Larsson’s heroine has become the scourge of politicians Hiding behind a Facebook identity, she leaks documents relating to local government corruption


Interior Minister admits to “isolated” cases of illegal migrant handovers

Video shows sub-Saharan immigrants being expelled through border fence to Morocco


The spy who came in from the heat

Algerian former journalist Said Sahnoune spied for the Mossad and the Civil Guard After five years in jail, he has sought political asylum in Spain


“They took 12 hours to sew me up after I jumped”

Immigrants injured by razor wire on Melilla border tell their stories


Former spy for Spain and Mossad requests political asylum from Madrid

Algerian and his family have been living inside Barajas airport’s transit zone since late last month


Immigrant children disappearing without trace after entering Spain

DNA tests reveal adults are traveling with minors who are not their own Sexual and economic exploitation suspected


Closer cooperation with Morocco brings results

Spain also working with Senegal and Mauritania in an attempt to stem flow of migrants


Melilla authorities illegally returning immigrants to Morocco

Civil Guard hand over sub-Saharans via doors in the security fence


Spain’s spy agency under NSA spotlight

CNI chief due to report to Congress after claims of massive message monitoring


Thousands take to streets of Melilla after Moroccan navy shooting deaths

Exclave unites to demand investigation into killings of two Spanish citizens


Melilla strengthens border defenses after summer of mass entry attempts

Spanish exclave in North Africa reintroduces controversial razor wire to top of six-meter high frontier fence


Spanish intelligence routinely turns over millions of private messages to NSA

Telephone metadata and other communications are given to US spy experts for deciphering Spanish law prohibits massive and indiscriminate trawling of networks


Spanish intelligence believes NSA was also active in Spain

CNI suspects millions of phone calls were tapped, but no politicians were spied on

Delegation allowed into Western Sahara without prior permission for first time

Four Spanish members of parliament fly to disputed territory with Sahrawi activist Aminatou Haidar


The Cervantes rots in Tangier

Spain and Morocco can't agree on the restoration of what was once the biggest theater in Africa


Algeria 1992, Egypt 2013

Optimism that violence can be contained is hard to find given the regional context


Man awaiting trial included on bungled Morocco pardon list

Spanish-Moroccan drug-trafficking suspect freed along with notorious pedophile Galván

The administrative blunder that almost led to a diplomatic incident

Sources reveal the chain of events that led to release of pedophile Daniel Galván


Spain awaits arrest warrant from Morocco to detain convicted pedophile

Spaniard asked to serve his sentence in Spain before he was mistakenly pardoned


Moroccan king unaware of crimes of pardoned Spanish pedophile

Opposition Socialist Party to ask government about state’s role in mistaken release of Spaniard

Spanish pedophile freed in Moroccan royal pardon mistake

Daniel Galván Viña was convicted two years ago of sexually abusing 11 children aged between three and 15 and handed a 30-year-sentence.

Spanish hostages freed in Somalia after a year and nine months

Doctors Without Borders workers said to be in good health NGO says it did not offer any ransom for release of Montserrat Serra and Blanca Thiebaut

Spain deports Morocco’s own 007 for infiltrating migrants and Polisario

Ziani was a controversial figure among Barcelona’s Moroccan community

Interior Ministry confirms deportation of Catalan Muslim leader for “radical links”

Sovereignty supporter suspected by National Intelligence Center of being threat to security