Medical chief calls for fines for patients who “abuse” health services

People should be made to pay for not picking up their test results, says OMC head

immigration crisis

Moroccan officers crossing into Melilla to take back migrants, charges NGO

Government delegate states that sub-Saharans had been caught between the barrier fences

Anticorruption attorneys want Supreme Court to handle part of ERE fund scandal

Judge Alaya asked to transfer section of her investigation into Andalusian embezzlement case

latin america

Rio police win back notorious drug district

Heavily armed forces move into Complexo da Mará without firing a shot


Civil Guard reveals list of Spain’s 10 most wanted criminals

Law enforcement agency issues rare call for international help to find fugitives

latin america

Maduro sends in troops to “liberate” major opposition city

Lawmakers claim Venezuelan citizens’ rights were violated during raid


How to fabricate a dead guerrilla

Colombia's army and government are accused of covering up the killing of hundreds of innocents The victims were passed off as slain terrorists so soldiers could collect secret state rewards

Spain asked IMF not to reveal troubles in banking sector in 2009

Just two weeks after this meeting, the first savings bank was bailed out by the central lender


Anne Hidalgo becomes first female mayor of Paris

Socialist politician, who has joint French-Spanish nationality, says she'll be "mayor for all Parisians"


Peace and social movements

The growing strength of citizen action is underscoring the reason for its success: there is a crisis in Spain’s system of representation


Spain played down IMF fears of real estate bubble bursting

Analysts were warning in 2007 of possible consequences of a slowdown and subsequent crisis

Journalists come home after six-month kidnapping ordeal in Syria

Reporter Javier Espinosa and freelance photographer Ricardo García Vilanova reunited with families The men are yet to give any details about their experiences