Spanish regions forced to make budget cuts as political deadlock continues

The lack of a stable government means the state cannot release €5 billion promised as an advance


Time to go Mr Rajoy? Latest poll reveals most voters want PM to quit

Survey shows 85% of Spaniards say veteran politician should hand PP leadership to someone else

Catalan elections

Iceta: “Either I’m the premier or a pro-independence leader will be”

The leader of the Catalan Socialist party is convinced that he can govern without a coalition

catalan elections

Inés Arrimadas: “I’m hoping for a cross-party government with other constitutionalist forces”

Ciudadanos leader in Catalonia talks about her plans if she becomes the next premier on December 21


Spanish PM lines up with Socialists in bid to block Catalan independence vote

Rajoy also in talks with Ciudadanos as regional leaders fail to settle on date for planned referendum


Trump seeks traditional running mate for the Republican ticket

Leaders of the “Grand Old Party” are wary of the consequences of his presidential nomination


Cruise ship makes first US-Cuba voyage in over half a century

A Carnival vessel carrying 590 passengers aboard is scheduled to dock in Havana on Monday


The changing faces of Miami’s Cuban community

More than a million Cubans have emigrated to Miami, the so-called capital of Latin America. As Cuba and America move to put six decades of hostilities behind them, we introduce you to three generations of exiles who have made the city their home

US Elections 2016

Unstoppable Trump forces Marco Rubio out of US presidential race

Real estate mogul is inching closer to the Republican nomination, with few alternatives left

US Elections 2016

Clinton, Sanders distance themselves from Obama over deportations

Both Democratic candidates promise to push for immigration reform during TV debate

US Elections 2016

Republican Party caught between bombastic Trump, right-wing Cruz

After the weekend’s results, a battle between extreme candidates will decide the future of the US


Spaniard on death row in Florida for 15 years granted new trial

Pablo Ibar has always maintained his innocence over 1994 triple murder


Miami asks Obama for help dealing with arriving Cuban migrants

Florida authorities request financial aid to cope with incoming wave of newcomers


King Felipe calls on Spanish-speakers to promote their language in the US

Speech comes in wake of debate over Donald Trump’s remarks regarding immigrants


Jorge Ramos: “Trump offers horror, a white utopia without migrants”

Latino reporter ejected from Republican hopeful’s news conference calls him “authoritarian”


The Cuban chefs helping defrost relations with the US

Four entrepreneurs are in Miami to share their knowledge and learn management skills


Andalusia begins new parliament without top body in place

Five-way bickering over who gets to sit on assembly augurs a complicated four years


Socialists win in Andalusia but party still falls short of majority

PP is weakened while Podemos becomes third political force in Spain’s biggest region


Andalusia premier calls early elections after Socialist-IU coalition falls apart

A PSOE victory on March 22 would help galvanize party against Podemos challenge

Anticorruption attorneys want Supreme Court to handle part of ERE fund scandal

Judge Alaya asked to transfer section of her investigation into Andalusian embezzlement case


Socialist leader attacks government over broken electoral promises

Rubalcaba accuses Rajoy of having hidden agenda Andalusian delegates elect Díaz as leader of regional party chapter


“The layoff fraud scandal not only pains me, but it is embarrassing”

New Andalusia premier Susana Díaz faces up to the Socialist Party’s checkered past in the region it has ruled for three decades


Andalusian premier’s bow-out decision hampers Socialist Party’s plans for internal debate

Regional leader tells assembly that he will not run as a candidate in 2016