Life after lockdown in Galicia: Business (nearly) as usual

The first of Spain’s regions to enter the “new normality” sees few changes, although children’s playgrounds are finally accessible after a three-month closure due to the coronavirus crisis


Spanish government to extend state of alarm until April 26

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez made the decision after contacting opposition leaders and scientific experts


640,000 rapid coronavirus tests arrive in Spain

The kits will first be sent out to health workers and then residences for seniors, before being rolled out to the rest of the population


‘El Chicle,’ killer of Madrid teenager Diana Quer, given life sentence

José Enrique Abuín Gey has also been ordered by a provincial court in Galicia to pay thousands of euros in compensation to the family of the victim, who went missing in 2016

Spanish elections

New election, new strategy: Spain’s center-right parties change their message

Ciudadanos is now open to deals after shunning the Socialist Party for months, while the Popular Party is focusing on the economy ahead of the November 10 repeat vote


The mystery of the blue shark sightings in Galicia

‘Prionace glauca’ pups, which are not a threat to humans, have been coming close to the Spanish shore


Why Spain has become a nightmare for the endangered turtledove

Thirteen autonomous regions are ignoring Brussels and allowing this symbol of eternal love to be hunted, despite the country’s implication in the species’ dwindling numbers


Spanish regions forced to make budget cuts as political deadlock continues

The lack of a stable government means the state cannot release €5 billion promised as an advance


Elderly Spanish couple end up sleeping in park after being evicted from home

Associations say social services should have been alerted to provide alternative accommodation

Mental Health

Galician asylum under review for mistreating patients

Some inmates have been kept at the regional state-run psychiatric hospital for over 50 years


Five years on, Galicia train crash shines spotlight on security of Spain’s rail network

The EU has pushed Spain into improving its investigation of the accident that killed 80 people near Santiago de Compostela on July 24, 2013


A brand new high-speed AVE train station for Lugo… that can’t be used

Some €90 million was spent on the building and track in O Páramo, but it has been left without service and with no passengers


A death foretold at Galicia’s coastal “Cathedral”

After a tourist was killed by a falling rock while admiring the incredible formations at As Catedrais, experts say that rising tourism could lead to further tragedy


Norwegian girl shipwrecked in Galicia returns 70 years later

Arnhild Utheim was 10 when she awoke on a Spanish beach after her entire family drowned in 1948


The Galician outreach scheme trying to combat the scourge of loneliness

The Aberta Family project, created by a Franciscan religious order, is addressing the epidemic of solitude the region is suffering


How corruption has scarred the Spanish environment

Bankrupt mining firm ransacked, then abandoned Monte Neme quarry in northwestern Spain

Galicia drought

“You turn on the tap one day and suddenly nothing comes out”

Plan to divert river to supply water to Vigo meets with resistance in drought-affected countryside


Last call for the Franco family to return figures from the Portal of Glory

The dictator’s heirs are facing demands to hand over sculptures of Abraham and Isaac given to him by Santiago City Hall in 1960

Wildfires in northern Spain

‘Fall from hell’ in Galicia as fires lay waste to region

Spanish PM and regional leader label deliberately lit blazes “incendiary terrorism” in wake of devastation

Natural Disasters

Four dead as wildfires ravage northwestern Spain

Spanish PM announces he is traveling to Galicia, were there were 105 active fires on Monday morning

Way of St James

“I'm a pilgrim. Will you shout me a drink?”

Number of visitors to pilgrim site of Santiago de Compostela is rising but spending is going down


Spanish government to send Civil Guard to man airport security checks

Move comes after striking staff at Barcelona’s El Prat reject latest proposal


The silent but deadly trail of the Asian hornet in Spain

Scientists battling to halt damaging invasion that began in the north of the country in 2010

renewable energy

How this village ended up with the cheapest electricity in Spain

A remote corner of Galicia is sharing the spoils of wind power with the big energy corporations


Will the Diana Quer mystery ever be solved?

Police investigation points to forced disappearance but no evidence has led to a suspect


Meet the women behind Galicia’s first brand of “feminist” milk

An association has launched a fair-trade dairy product supplied by female-only producers

Castro’s relatives in Spain

The Galician cousin of Fidel Castro: “It had to happen some day”

Manuela Argiz is one of the few surviving Spanish relatives of the former Cuban leader left in the northwestern region of Galicia