Galicia produces the most exclusive seafood in the world

A fishfarm in Rías Baixas harvests bumper crops of abalone, a delicacy in East Asia and increasingly sought after in Europe


Spanish city introduces basic income for vulnerable families

A Coruña, in Galicia, is the first authority in Spain to provide payment for households in poverty

Galicia airfield to become €55-million drone research center

Defense Ministry and regional government to pay firms to conduct studies at ex-Nazi base


Terminally ill Galician girl Andrea dies after four days off life support

Parents’ court battle against Santiago hospital reopens debate on dignified death in Spain

Why are the shellfish in Galicia’s estuaries dying off?

Thousands struggling after parasite devastates Ria de Arousa cockle population Scientists are working to find out how the mysterious and deadly disease spreads

“This is carte blanche for the mismanagement of another disaster”

Locals react with resignation to court ruling on Prestige oil spill


Search continues for evidence linking parents to murder of 12-year-old

Body of Asunta was found just five kilometers from family’s country property

Body of 12-year-old girl found in Galician countryside

Parents had reported child missing three hours earlier Police see evidence of violence


Rail network heads to face judge over Santiago train disaster

Top officials to be questioned about July crash that killed 79 people

tragedy in galicia

“I had to go at 80km/h but I’m going at 190”

Rail firm Talgo confirms the locomotive was going at an “extreme speed” before derailing

Supreme Court dismisses case against former Cabinet minister

Ex-Public Works chief José Blanco alleged to have helped friend secure building licenses

Documents relating to smuggler no longer exist, says Galician premier

Feijóo tells parliament files showing business links with Marical Dorado have been destroyed


Ten years on, environmental disaster finally reaches A Coruña courthouse

Captain of stricken tanker faces prison sentence for environmental negligence Naval engineer claims vital evidence has been omitted from trial


PP’s “champion” cause turns against it

Galicia premier’s role in public corruption scandal may be bigger than thought