Half of preferred share investors to get money back

FROB head estimates 27 percent total loss on investments


PRI leader: Reforms haven’t caused chaos on the streets of Mexico

The president of ruling party believes there many false claims about Peña Nieto’s proposals


Not at all convincing

The justice minister is facing official opposition to the concept of “revisable permanent prison”

Messi’s father exonerates him from tax fraud blame

Leo “has always and only devoted himself to playing soccer,” says Jorge Horacio Messi


“My most emotional year”

Nadal caps post-injury comeback by winning 13th Grand Slam in New York

higher education

"Sponsor-a-student" call divides academia

Malaga University president says private funding must be brought in to pay tuition fees Student unions and academics see proposal as the thin end of the wedge


Deaths and deaths

All lives have the same value, but the political and legal consequences of the use of chemical weapons have to be different

Andalusia's new chief gets rid of Griñán's economic team

Susana Díaz, who became premier last week, only kept a handful of current commissioners


Rail network heads to face judge over Santiago train disaster

Top officials to be questioned about July crash that killed 79 people

layoff fund case

Judge makes first moves to name ex-premiers as suspects in fraud case

Five former officials from Andalusia regional government also cited by magistrate ERE investigation probing diversion of public money from fund to cover severance payments

Bear genome at Atapuerca paves way for earliest hominid sequencing at site

Team including Spanish researchers samples DNA of animals who lived about 400,000 years ago


Bank of Spain was too passive over Bankia disaster, says report

Document was commissioned by the Anti-corruption Prosecutor's Office The text speaks of watered-down criticism by the central bank of management