The trash that falls from the sky

Scientists keep a close eye on the thousands of pieces of space debris floating near Earth The objects found in Spain in recent days may have come from secret devices, they suspect

How much of Friday’s eclipse will be visible from Spain?

Northern part of the peninsula will see the moon cover as much as 76 percent of the sun

Skulls discovered at key Spanish site point to Neanderthals’ origins

Unearthing of 430,000-year-old fossils at Atapuerca sheds light on our cousins’ ancestors

Aunt Rosa’s meteorite moves from the jewel box to the museum

León woman kept curious-looking rock for eight decades after it fell near her when she was a child


Lower funding and red tape holding back Spain’s top science agency

Saved from bankruptcy by a public bailout, the CSIC says future still looks “tough”

Canary Islands chosen as base for low-cost satellite launches

Swiss company S3 planning to offer flights for space tourists

Spanish site yields oldest human DNA

Analysis of fossil from Atapuerca uncovers link to Siberian hominids


Government completes €95m bailout of CSIC research institute

Spanish state science agency was facing the need to call in receivers due to mounting debt


Opposition parties pledge support for scientists’ R&D plan

Parliamentary groups commit to backing platform's four-point scheme to boost funding

Bear genome at Atapuerca paves way for earliest hominid sequencing at site

Team including Spanish researchers samples DNA of animals who lived about 400,000 years ago

Scientific research agency CSIC feels the ravages of belt-tightening

Economy Ministry to advance 44 million euros assigned for ongoing projects

Financial cuts

CSIC research institute head warns of “cataclysmic” deficit forecast

Scientists fear that budget will not even be sufficient to maintain current projects


Jungle incest left Snowflake white

Genetic study of Barcelona’s famous gorilla reveals mutation that made him albino

Raiders of the lost archeology grants

The Finance Ministry has pulled funding for 30 international projects The move puts Spain's hard-earned prestige in peril, say academics


A Neanderthal trove in Madrid

The Lozoya River Valley could help clear up mysteries surrounding extinct species