Is Paris burning?

Hitler would dance for joy at the sight of Notre-Dame going up in flames so many years later


Spain’s crowdfunding treasure hunters

Spanish-led Djehuty project successfully launches campaign to finance next excavation season in Egypt


Spanish-led mission finds mummy near Egyptian pharaoh’s temple

Myriam Seco’s team uncovers coffin of high-ranking official at Thutmosis III sanctuary in Luxor


Barcelona bans Montjuïc Castle Mass held for executed Franco supporters

City offers different date and venue for tribute held almost uninterruptedly since 1940


Spanish Civil War flying ace who “attacked like a rabid dog” dies aged 97

José Falcó reportedly took down two elite Nazi fighters in one mission in his Soviet biplane For years the Republican pilot took flowers to the grave of one of the Germans he killed

The long march home

‘Perfect Storm’ author Sebastian Junger’s new film and book charts the walk across the US he undertook with two war veterans and a Spanish photographer


Marina Ginestà, 94, the defiant militia girl with the gun

The star of the iconic 1936 photograph passes away in Paris


Pyramid schemes

Modern art meets Ancient Egypt at Valencia's IVAM


Laureates at large

From generous donations to downing Higgs Boson ale, the 2013 Prince of Asturias Award winners have been out in Oviedo in the run-up to the ceremony


From ‘Doctor Zhivago’ to ‘Exodus’

Bestselling author Julia Navarro’s latest novel takes readers from Russia to Palestine


Jungle incest left Snowflake white

Genetic study of Barcelona’s famous gorilla reveals mutation that made him albino

Catalan doc beats crowdfunding record

Film that sets out to explain independence process raises 350,000 euros online

Cycling in the name of the father

Ciao Pirlo! charts pop star’s ride from Barcelona to Milan with dad’s ashes


Court accepts plea to probe bombing of Barcelona during the Civil War

Legal action opens the door to prosecute Italian pilots for war crimes


Spain's unsung hero of Waterloo

Ildefonso Arenas' epic novel about the battle that defeated Napoleon puts Spanish general Miguel de Álava, Wellington's aide de camp, center stage

Filming in the wax museum: "The lights go out, you hear footsteps..."

On the ghostly set of horror movie 'Wax' in Barcelona's Museu de Cera

Theater slams boycott call over Catalan secession row

Actor attempted to get play blackballed after star signed manifesto for Catalonia to remain Spanish


The Troy of Murcia

Archeologists unearth Bronze Age fortification "with a design from the East"


Huge dinosaur cache uncovered in Lleida

Cheese-shop owner and his son find massive hadrosaurid site


The Constitution that never was

March 19 marked the 200th anniversary of Spain's first magna carta, promulgated in Cádiz As happened in 1812, the event has been largely overlooked