Chronic poverty

The needy resorting to Cáritas are three times more numerous and increasingly poor


Catalan assembly seeks consensus to approve right-to-decide text

Nationalist parties to approve resolution calling for referendum


Alonso happy to limit Singapore swing

Vettel cuts gap in championship as Spaniard finishes third


Passos Coelho bows to popular protest over salary cuts

Government committed to seeking alternatives to social security hike which brought huge numbers out onto streets


Esperanza Aguirre: the career politician who could have had it all

The former regional premier from Madrid is bowing out from politics unscathed

The loyal heir who's ready to jump in the ring for his boss

Intimidation, threats and cornering are just some of the strategies González has used "The Madrid regional government doesn't move a paperclip without his permission," say sources

Death of ETA leader in 1970s will remain a mystery

The relatives of “Pertur” wanted to know whether he was killed by hardliners over his anti-violence stance


Curro Jiménez

As long as the left laughs at the stunts of practical jokers such as Sánchez Gordillo, the right can rest assured


A Neanderthal trove in Madrid

The Lozoya River Valley could help clear up mysteries surrounding extinct species