Nightmare in Barcelona

Does the new Catalan premier Quim Torra, with his savagely xenophobic views, truly represent today’s pro-independence movement?


The art of losing

Having done it all my life, I have attained a certain knack of mislaying things


Bergman & Eichmann

Can the same ethical precept be honest and courageous on the lips of one person, and abject and cowardly on those of another?


The changing past

Kafka’s vision of the world not only impregnates much of what was written after his time, but also much of what had gone before


Goodness from strangers

In different times and places, two stories (or just the same truth) to restore a little faith in mankind


Right to decide

Few venture to say aloud that they think that the right to vote on Catalan independence is a load of meringue whipped up by the nationalists


Living abroad

Foreigners are often surprised to see how much good cheer there is still on display in Spain


Another perfect article

A few words on the reports that would have been...


Twice as brief

The joys of aphorisms


Another Europe?

The economic crisis threatens to liquidate the best political idea we Europeans have ever had


Third Republic

Many of those who demand a change are playing into the hands of the far right


Why did Mas fail?

Overnight, everyone in Catalonia seemed to have turned secessionist; the news media, intellectuals and priests


A bad symptom

The Collell monument to Francoist victims of execution is also part of “historical memory”


Catalan perplexity

When I hear our premier Mas say that the road to independence runs through "unknown terrain," my hair stands on end


Parties and democracy

When Franco died and our transition to democracy began, political parties existed only in a fragile form, withered by half a century of clandestine existence


Hugh Grant and the novel

Cervantes invented the novel but in Spain, where fanatics ruled, his work was considered light reading


Curro Jiménez

As long as the left laughs at the stunts of practical jokers such as Sánchez Gordillo, the right can rest assured


Eminent men

It is impossible to be a great writer without imbibing the tradition both of one's own nation and that of the world at large as well


The Turkish mirror

Ankara's influence in the Middle East is growing; if Europe wishes to play a role there, the best instrument is a European Turkey


Talking in the shower

Talking to yourself is a lot like writing, because writing is similar to talking in dreams