A noble act: The female writer who fought Nazis and machismo

Selma Lagerlöf not only won the Nobel Prize for Literature, she also saved a fellow laureate from the Nazis

The Spanish photographer who captured the horrors of Mauthausen

Francisco Boix rescued hundreds of images of life in the Austrian concentration camp

Lorca murdered after “confessing,” says Franco-era police report

Document written 29 years after his death describes arrest and killing of Granada poet

Confessions from the Odyssey case

The US lawyer who won the ‘Mercedes’ wreck coins back for Spain reveals it all

Madrid exhibitions turn the final page on tale of Spanish ship’s treasure

New shows tell story of the Mercedes’ 1804 sinking and the legal battle to recover its hoard

Letizia: Spain’s first middle-class queen

A former journalist, Prince Felipe’s wife has been making news since their marriage 10 years ago

Retrieving the other coins from the Odyssey shipwreck

The US treasure hunter has paid $1.07m in legal expenses to the Spanish Treasury The haul on the sunken Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes was protected by a 1902 treaty


A web of spies

A new book reveals how Germany and the Allies sought to manipulate neutral Spain during WWI


End to exile for a key political archive

Juan Negrín's granddaughter hands over 150,000 original documents for public consultation Historians eager to reassess last Republican leader's political role


A not-so-comic journey

Following the success of his Joyce-based tale 'Dublinés,' author Alfonso Zapico recreated Núñez de Balboa's expedition for his new story 'The other sea'


Stolen Spanish sentiment

Academics scrutinize the concept of nationhood, from its origins to disfigurement under Franco


The Guerrilla Girls fight on

A retrospective in Bilbao brings together the work of this female collective, which has been campaigning against sexism in the art world since the 1980s


Three hundred years of fine writing

Spain’s Royal Academy of Language is celebrating its tercentenary In 1713, a group of Spaniards took it upon themselves to compile a dictionary


The Transition, frame by frame

National Library brings together the work of the cartoonists who chronicled the move to democracy


Why top secret in Spain is forever

Historians are calling on the government to change the way it deals with classified material Documents remain under lock and key indefinitely, until the authorities decide to release them

A poet's life left behind shutters

José Ángel Valente's Almería residence is yet to be turned into a cultural center


Paul Preston’s “J’accuse” to Santiago Carrillo

British historian’s biography of Spanish Communist leader pulls few punches, comparing him to Stalin


Archiving an infinity of information

New law will allow National Library to start storing copies of online content

Women's history

20 written lines that won Spain’s women their library cards

Antonia Gutiérrez's 1836 letter opened up the Biblioteca Nacional to all


Journey to the girth of the Earth

Three hundred years after his birth, the figure of Jorge Juan is being revived The scientist, sailor, engineer, chronicler and "wise Spaniard" condemned slavery in the Americas

Raiders of the lost archeology grants

The Finance Ministry has pulled funding for 30 international projects The move puts Spain's hard-earned prestige in peril, say academics

Constitutional Court closes lid on Civil War papers feud

Justices rule that Catalonia is the righful owner of the so-called Salamanca papers


Female pioneers in the literary adventure

Spain's national library attempts to atone for its own discriminatory past with a major exhibition on the women who broke down the book world's barriers

An improved historical biography?

The Royal Academy of History's latest volumes dodge repeated controversy


New flame for Pérez-Reverte as he tries his hand at tango

‘Alatriste’ author knows no bounds


Pushed from right to left

The late EL PAÍS journalist Javier Pradera is the subject of a new book It examines his journey from Francoist family to Communist Party card carrier


Joyce comes under comic scrutiny

Spanish prizewinner among books examining writer's checkered personal life