Ups and downs for the new Cuban entrepreneur

Private businesses employ 450,000 people and stimulate a “capitalist” mindset

Two women face three years in jail for joining sports center protest

Galicia court hands down “disproportionate” sentence after applying tough labor law The gym instructors were attending a demonstration over pay and conditions


Spain’s hard-won shipwreck coins finally go on public display in Cartagena

Exhibition of half-a-billion-dollar hoard taken from frigate Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes opens Spanish government took trove back from US treasure hunter Odyssey after a long legal battle

Judge resigns from Spain’s top court over drunk-driving incident

Enrique López steps down from Constitutional Court after being caught four times over the limit Conservative justice was also reportedly riding his motorcycle without a helmet

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Uruguay primaries leave presidential elections wide open

Leftist Tabaré Vázquez and conservative Luis Alberto Lacalle Pou emerge as main candidates Vote is set to be dominated by security and education issues


A necessary king

The monarch who smoothed the path to democracy has given up the crown to further its modernization


The life of a royal family

A chronology of King Juan Carlos’ 76 years, from birth to renouncing the throne

Letizia: Spain’s first middle-class queen

A former journalist, Prince Felipe’s wife has been making news since their marriage 10 years ago

Abdication comes at low point for monarchy in opinion polls

Latest survey gave the crown an average approval rating of just 3.72 out of 10

Abdication news catches Spain by surprise

One of king’s former aides explains that monarch always said he would “die with his crown on”

Politicians react to royal bombshell

Socialist leader hails most important political development “since Spain’s return to democracy”


King addresses Spaniards via television message to announce his abdication

"The Prince of Asturias has the maturity and the necessary preparation to assume the role"

King Juan Carlos abdicates

PM Mariano Rajoy makes surprise announcement that Spanish monarch will step down, paving way for Prince Felipe to take over as head of state