US immigration policy

Spaniard held for 40 days in US prison over 2011 vacation to Syria

Leandro Pérez Cadarso falls victim to tough new migration rules on travel to some Muslim countries


Cuba pardons deserting doctors who applied for US parole program

Health workers will be welcomed back with jobs and will not face sanctions, says Raúl Castro

Latin America

Cuba to compensate Spanish firms that stayed loyal in “difficult years”

Havana makes pledge to Spain’s top trade official as he leads investors’ delegation

Latin America

Spaniards keen to invest further in Cuba before US lifts trade embargo

A delegation of 43 businessmen is in Havana to discuss expanding opportunities


More than 600 American students arrive in Cuba on a university trip

Havana is the last leg on the itinerary for University of Virginia’s Summer at Sea program


Cuba and EU work together though US-Cuba relations remain uneasy

Washington urges Havana to expand political freedoms as well as liberal economic initiatives


Fidel’s diplomatic routine

Even as he turns 88, the Cuban leader continues to watch over the island’s economic liberalization

latin america

Putin eyes Cuba as springboard for economic expansion into Latin America

Russian leader visits Havana after forgiving €26 billion in debt owed by island nation


Ups and downs for the new Cuban entrepreneur

Private businesses employ 450,000 people and stimulate a “capitalist” mindset

latin america

Cuba promises to offer internet to all citizens — with restrictions

More and more Cubans have access to cellphones and email accounts


Nicolás Maduro and homophobia in Latin America

Little cultural progress can be expected in Latin America while the statements and actions of some of its leaders remain firmly grounded in the 19th century


The unbeaten leader

Few would begrudge Chávez his sincere empathy with the poor but his rule was plagued by disorganization


North Korea’s Spanish mouthpiece

Cao de Benós tries to convince people that everything is rosy behind the Bamboo Curtain Aristocrat is Pyongyang's only foreign-born government official