Top companies rule out Cyprus-like event in Spain

Business Council expects GDP to grow in fourth quarter


The fall of Super Depor

Administrators see exit of club president as only salvation


Spain says bank deposits “sacred” as Cypriot parliament rejects levy plan

De Guindos says government rejects tax on bank deposits of under 100,000 euros


Is the cure worse than the illness?

Taxing bank deposits in Cyprus may be prejudicial to a banking union across the EU


Mourinho accuses Fifa of Ballon d’Or vote-rigging

Real Madrid coach says some ballots cast for him went to other candidates


Nicolás Maduro and homophobia in Latin America

Little cultural progress can be expected in Latin America while the statements and actions of some of its leaders remain firmly grounded in the 19th century


The PRI goes to Mass

Enrique Peña Nieto becomes first president from party to publicly attend Catholic service

High-ranking Catalan politician named as formal suspect in corruption case

Oriol Pujol “delegates” his duties after decision by regional High Court of Justice



Symptoms of a kind of autism syndrome are present in all of Spain's political parties

The Armada's lost galleon

A diving team has located what it thinks are the remains of La Ragazzona The ship, part of Philip II's fleet, sank in the bay of Ferrol, off Galicia, in 1588


Government gives backing to fracking

New legislation aims to address environmental concerns over shale gas exploration Spain's institutions remain divided on the subject