Spain headed for record deficit level, according to IMF

The global organization also says the country will not return to pre-crisis unemployment figures before 2026


Spain’s economy will shrink more than most in 2020, says IMF

As a result of the coronavirus crisis, output is expected to decline by 12.8% of GDP, an unprecedented figure that is worse than in any other advanced country


Plunging stocks, remote work: The economic effects of the coronavirus in Spain

Experts warn that the global drop in supply and demand could severely affect the tourism industry


Facing another election, Spanish economy feels effects of the stalemate

The new government that emerges after the Sunday vote will have to deal with an impending slowdown and introduce much-needed reforms after years of political paralysis


Could France’s state rail operator bring “low-cost” train travel to Spain?

Ahead of the imminent opening up of domestic high-speed networks to other European Union operators, SNCF is planning to have a Spanish service in place by 2020

Taxi strike

Taxis vs Uber: A war between very similar enemies

The ongoing conflict in Spain pits two sectors that offer almost identical services and who are equally interested in preserving a license quota that fuels speculation


Today’s Spanish youths are worse off than a decade ago

People born in the 1990s have lower wages and more temporary jobs despite being better trained


IMF softened its 2012 report on Spain to reduce alarm

The global financial institution changed its description of the economy from “bleak” to “very difficult” to avoid rattling the markets and triggering apocalyptic media headlines


Is Airbnb driving up rents? Spain’s competition commission says no

A new report from the CNMC finds mostly positive effects of the online platform’s model, in contrast to studies carried out across the Atlantic


IMF warns about Spanish economy’s vulnerability from external imbalance

But the world body also noted that Spain has had its fifth annual consecutive current account surplus


Barack Obama meets with prime minister on family trip to Spain

The former US president spoke to Pedro Sánchez in Madrid during an economic forum, and visited the Reina Sofía museum with King Felipe the next day


The rising stakes of Bitcoin

Experts are warning would-be investors that the digital currency bubble could burst at any time

Catalan independence

Errors, falsehoods and half-truths about the economy of an independent Catalonia

Catalan government report plays with the numbers to paint a rosy picture of secession’s financial costs

Catalan independence

Corporate flight damages Catalonia’s image

Rating agencies, analysts and the European press warn of the risks of a declaration of independence


How many more tourists can Spain cope with?

Balearic Islands’ limit on visitors raises question of sustainability of sector that makes up 11% of Spanish GDP


How a US private-equity group just became Spain’s new real estate giant

Popular deal sees Blackstone become biggest fully private real estate owner in the country


As economy improves, Spaniards are taking vacations again

Tourism industry is expecting record figures in a year when both domestic and foreign travel are up


Spanish-born German spy and terror suspect starred in gay porn films

Secret services employeee allegedly used same alias in jihadist forums that he used in adult films


Brussels starts sanction proceedings against Spain over budget miss

But it is still unclear whether Madrid will finally face fines, as the Commission deals with pressure from members who want exemplary punishment and those who favor leniency


Spain tops euro zone for political risk to the economy, says ECB

Central lender expresses concerns that the rise of populism across the continent could rekindle the debt crisis

JENS WEIDMANN, President of the Bundesbank

“The sooner there is a responsible government in Spain, the better”

Head of German central bank says European Commission is hampered by political compromises


Police appeal for help over mystery murder of Spaniard on Berlin street

German authorities struggling to solve stabbing of 26-year-old student from Zaragoza


Are these the 10 best streets in Europe?

EL PAÍS correspondents choose their favorite thoroughfares in the cities where they live


Spanish youngsters lack workplace computer skills, says OECD

Developed countries need to do more to tailor education to suit job market, says report


Germanwings pilot hid illness from employers and colleagues

A doctor’s note was found torn up in the Düsseldorf apartment of Andreas Lubitz It reveals that he had been given medical leave on the day of the air crash, which killed 150


Spanish workers in Germany unite in defense of their labor rights

A group inspired by the 15-M protest movement has come together to fight against abusive practices


“I thought the Germans were serious”

Hundreds of young Spaniards could find themselves trapped after Berlin suspends training scheme