The first ‘skyscraper’ of the Middle Ages was in Toledo

Spanish, English and German archeologists are studying a 12-meter high Visigothic palace built at the start of the 6th century


Why can’t Spanish people sing the tune to ‘Happy Birthday’?

As one Twitter user recently pointed out in a viral thread, if you don’t get the first note right of this seemingly simple song, all hope is lost


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, January 29, 2019


Spain ends 2018 with biggest surge in job creation of the last 12 years

The unemployment rate has also dropped to 14.45%, thanks mostly to the public sector

Taxi strike

Taxis vs Uber: A war between very similar enemies

The ongoing conflict in Spain pits two sectors that offer almost identical services and who are equally interested in preserving a license quota that fuels speculation

Armed Forces

Defense Ministry discharges soldier who reported boss for sexual harassment

The abuse left the woman with post-traumatic stress disorder and she was deemed mentally unfit to remain in the Air Force