Medieval Spain: the tale of a missing stone and 11 bodies under a wall

Archeologists digging in a village that was once a center of power find several corpses buried in an unusual location


Spanish archaeologists recover new treasure from famed ‘Mercedes’ shipwreck

Thousands of artifacts, including bronze cannons, silverware and candelabras, have been excavated from the frigate which made headlines after a US treasure hunting company removed 600,000 coins from the wreck


The surprising similarities between the coronavirus and the bubonic plague

New research from the University of Barcelona looks at the parallels between the current pandemic and the disease that swept across the Byzantine Empire 1,500 years ago


The search for Hannibal’s elephants on the Tagus River

Research shows that the town of Driebes in Guadalajara province could be where the battle between the Carthaginians and the Carparthians was fought in 220 B.C.

Roman History

Inside Virtus Iulia, the Roman city in the south of Spain

Recent excavations have revealed the site at the Torreparedones archeological park had an amphitheater as well as markets, public baths and a forum


The Catalans who conquered California

The Hispanic Council revives the forgotten story of the Free Company of Volunteers of Catalonia, which was sent to defend the Pacific coast for Spain in the 1700s


The shortlist of architectural disasters in Spain

A cultural association named Hispania Nostra decries that valuable historical buildings have been defaced, badly restored or demolished altogether


One of the world’s longest Roman aqueducts was in Valencia, scholars discover

Although only a few sections have survived, this feat of engineering covered 98.6 kilometers between the mountains and the regional capital


The US mercenary pilot who shot down planes in Spain for $1,000

A new novel recreates the bold effort by Harold E. Dahl’s wife to save his life after he was sentenced to death by the Franco regime


Inside Toledo’s Visigothic city

Researchers have discovered that what was thought to be the remains of a church at Los Hitos archaeological site is in fact a sixth-century palatine complex


When the Nazis were welcome in the Canary Islands

Newly published historical research confirms the German navy’s frequent presence in the Spanish archipelago between the two world wars


Toledo’s Visigothic city under threat by real estate development

Once the capital of a powerful kingdom, the Vega Baja site includes remains from the Roman, medieval and Islamic eras that could soon make way for over 1,600 homes


Reccopolis, the Versailles of Spain’s deserted interior

The palatial complex was built by the Visigoths in 578, and has been the focus of archaeological studies for more than a century


Tombs of Iberian prince and 24 aristocrats unearthed in Spain

Experts say these warrior noblemen may have died during the battle that killed famed Carthaginian commander Hamilcar Barca


Spanish archaeologists discover largest Iberian-era building known to date

The site, which sits atop a craggy hill, contains layers of many civilizations dating back to the Bronze Age


A Spanish hamlet pins hopes of prosperity on its Roman Empire legacy

Villar de Domingo García, population 218, is home to an astounding archaeological site containing the largest figurative Roman mosaic found to date

In photos: Roman opulence in a Spanish hamlet


Studies shed new light on origins of Canary Islands population

DNA-based evidence and archeological research confirm ties to Berbers from North Africa, not to Celts as once believed


Researchers probe 2,000-year-old killings on uninhabited Spanish islet

A joint investigation is being conducted on the remains of 10 bodies and a temple found in Sa Galera, off the coast of Palma de Mallorca in the Balearic Islands


Hollywood’s role in spreading the Spanish black legend

A new book explores how movies have emphasized negative aspects of Spain’s imperial past while playing down Anglo-American wrongdoing, often to support a political cause


How an underground Stonehenge was discovered in southern Spain

A joint investigation between six universities is shining a light on the Dolmen de Soto, a 6,000-year-old megalithic monument, complete with ancient drawings of armed figures


Shipwrecks of the Caribbean: Spain drafts treasure map of its own days of empire

The Culture Ministry has charted the 681 vessels sunk between 1492 and 1898, including the Santa María, the largest of Christopher Columbus’s three ships on his first voyage across the Atlantic


The first ‘skyscraper’ of the Middle Ages was in Toledo

Spanish, English and German archeologists are studying a 12-meter high Visigothic palace built at the start of the 6th century


The Guarrazar Treasure: a Visigoth mystery solved after 150 years

An archeologist has revealed why numerous golden crowns and other jewels were buried in a field 15 kilometers outside Toledo


A Madrid mummy is found to be a pharaoh’s eye doctor

A scan reveals that Ptolemy II’s ophthalmologist lies in Madrid’s National Archeology Museum


How two siblings discovered Roman treasure in Palencia’s countryside

The National Archaeology Museum will return the important find to the northern province next year