Top-flight Spanish soccer clubs will play official games in the United States

Barcelona FC and Real Madrid likely to appear as early as this season, as part of a deal with American firm Relevent aimed at promoting the sport across the Atlantic


Civil Guard seizes stuffed lion Spanish woman was selling online for €6,000

Investigators were surprised by the mounted endangered species, which is in a raised attack position with claws and teeth bared


Britons living in the EU launch fresh legal challenge against Brexit

The UK in EU Challenge group – whose lead claimant is Spain-based Sue Wilson – is arguing that the 2016 vote should be declared null and void due to irregularities committed by the Leave campaign


UN: Europe’s response to migrant crisis “wrong, dangerous and immoral”

UNHCR refugee agency welcomes latest ‘Aquarius’ outcome but says a predictable disembarkation process is urgently needed


Is Airbnb driving up rents? Spain’s competition commission says no

A new report from the CNMC finds mostly positive effects of the online platform’s model, in contrast to studies carried out across the Atlantic