50 Republican foreign policy officials warn against a Trump presidency

Group of senior officials say property magnate “would put at risk our country’s national security and well-being”


Saving the Spanish pigs that went to the Americas with Columbus

Many creole pig breeds, descendants from those that arrived in the New World in 1493, are in danger of extinction – and these scientists are analyzing their DNA to decide which to conserve


Spanish parents win right to name their son "Wolf"

The case has reopened a national debate about to what degree the government should be able to regulate baby names

RIO 2016

The refugee athletes competing under the Olympic flag

This summer in Rio a team of 10 athletes will represent the millions of displaced people around the world


Spain’s political instability threatens investment, says Moody’s Analytics

Economic research group highlights international concerns about ongoing political limbo


A quarter of Spain’s unemployed haven’t worked for four years or more

Over the last eight years, figure rises from 100,000 to more than 1.1 million


Spain’s state broadcaster: out of touch, out of money and out of ideas

New report says RTVE has “failed to adapt to changing times” and continues to lose money


Galicia produces the most exclusive seafood in the world

A fishfarm in Rías Baixas harvests bumper crops of abalone, a delicacy in East Asia and increasingly sought after in Europe